"The workers of the Port of Setúbal have decided to give two weeks' notice of a strike on overtime for the company Sadoport, of the Yilport group, and the dockers of Lisbon will also be able to decide on ways to fight next Monday, due to non-compliance with the agreed salary updates and payment of salaries in instalments," the president of SEAL told the agency Lusa.

According to António Mariano, in the Port of Setúbal it is a matter of "non-compliance with the collective labour agreement (CCT) by the company Sadoport, by refusing to guarantee an equitable distribution of port work to casual workers".

"The strike by workers at the Port of Setúbal has the solidarity of dockers at the Port of Lisbon who, on Thursday, decided not to operate any ship or cargo diverted from Setúbal to Lisbon," added the leader of SEAL, stating that the date of the strike should be announced next Monday.

According to António Mariano, Sadoport - unlike all the other stowage companies in Setúbal that are respecting the agreement - has repeatedly stated that it does not intend to comply with the provisions of the CCT, which aim to ensure the fair distribution of work, despite having signed the labour agreement, mediated by the Ministry of the Sea, on 14 December 2018, in the presence of the then Minister Ana Paula Vitorino which made it possible to put an end to the stoppage of the Port of Setúbal caused by the refusal of any dockers to come to work from 5 November of that year.

According to SEAL, the situation at the Port of Lisbon is also not easy for the dockers who, last Thursday, decided to give "an ultimatum" to the port companies, given the "payment of wages in instalments" for over a year.

"Not only are the Port of Lisbon companies not complying with the agreement to apply a 4% salary increase in 2018 and an update of 1.5% in 2019, they are also paying salaries in instalments. Over the last 16 months, workers at the Port of Lisbon have received their salaries in 46 instalments, which we consider to be an unsustainable situation that cannot be prolonged," said António Mariano.

Given the alleged failure of the port companies in Lisbon, the president of SEAL does not rule out the possibility that these forms of struggle may extend to other ports.