Doctors call to extend Portugal lock down

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The president of the National Association of Public Health Doctors, Ricardo Mexia, defended today that the state of emergency should not be lifted in early May if the covid-19 epidemiological scenario is identical to the current one .

Political leaders, social partners and epidemiologists will assess on Tuesday the epidemiological situation in the country and the next day “the Council of Ministers will define guidelines in the sense of how, gradually and safely, it will be possible to begin to remove several restrictions that have been in force, "according to Prime Minister António Costa.

For Ricardo Mexia, this is not yet the right time to lift the state of emergency because “the epidemiological scenario is very similar” to what existed when it was renewed.

"If this situation persists, I believe that in a week, when it is time to reevaluate, it will not be the time to lift restrictions as we have not had a real decrease in the number of cases," he stressed.

The public health doctor explained that there has been "a stabilization [of the number of cases] which, obviously, is better than having an exponential growth, but that does not mean that the numbers are clearly falling".

“And, therefore, I leave a note of concern here because, eventually, we will have to reevaluate the situation in a week, when it is time to renew the state of emergency or not, but if the situation is analogous, we now live with it”, reiterated the president of the association.

On the need to gradually resume economic activity, Ricardo Mexia stated that "the economy benefits from health as well as health also benefits from an economy that is strong and growing".

“The big question is that in a scenario where we lift the restrictions too soon, we can later pay the price for it, as has already happened in some countries and, therefore, we also have to learn from the experience of other contexts and apply it also to our favour ”, he defended.

In this sense, he also defended, it is necessary to “assess very precisely what the epidemiological situation is in order to make an informed decision when it is possible to reduce restrictions”.

Portugal fulfills the third period of 15 days of state of emergency, which started on March 19, and the presidential decree that extended the measure until May 2 provides for the possibility of a "gradual, phased or alternate opening of services, companies or commercial establishments ".


I want to compliment you, and especially the photographer, for the absolutely brilliant image you used at the top of this article. A truly amazing image...

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