‘Don’t blame the eucalyptus’ - paper industry

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‘Don’t blame the eucalyptus’ - paper industry

Portuguese Paper Industry Association (CELPA) has said that the problem of forest fires in the country cannot be blamed on eucalyptus as the problem is a question of forest management and arsonists.

It is a question of management rather than any one species. There are many examples of fires in Portugal in areas where there are no eucalyptus. The common factor in all the fires is a lack of management”, Henrique Vieira, from CELPA, told reporters.
This is not a forestry problem, it is also a social problem and a problem of arsonists, he said.

“Where there is management, fires have a much lower likelihood of occurring and when they do occur they are less intense and cause less damage. Where there is no management, which unfortunately we can see in most of the country, this leads to catastrophic conditions as we see year after year”, he added.


It's like hearing the pro-gun lobby in the US saying don't blame the easy access to guns for the murders of thousands of people. Of course there us a human element but they are handed the tools, no questions asked. The paper industry should be made to police the plantations themselves and therefore have the responsibility for ensuring proper management. Where I live new plantations are already ignoring the useless regulations!

by Angela from Other on 03-10-2017 08:57:00

"Don't blame the trees". This is a diversion. Eucalyptus is not a native tree to Portugal. It has been banned in several parts of the world (California, South Africa to name just 2). Why they grow so fast and provide a reasonably quick return is because their roots travel down to the lowest levels of ground water. Isn't Portugal suffering from its worst drought for years. Also, when the charred remains are removed, only the Eucaliptus is replaced and indigenous trees/shrubs like the Medronha are ignored. From my own experience, Portugal probably uses more paper per capita than any other country in Europe. I am getting old now, (only 70) but I can see various parts of this once beautiful country turning to desert. Something needs to be done before it is too late and the 'minimal' profits are transferred to an offshore account somewhere.
How about a petition.... online of course.
Dick, Caldas da Rainha

by Dick Brinkhurst from Beiras on 29-09-2017 09:24:00
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