According to the AAIB report, “the Airbus A320 took off from Lisbon airport [on September 16] with just 110 meters of runway available, because tcrew members made the wrong calculations for the runway”.

At the speed at which the plane was travelling, “approximately 1.3 seconds were left until it reached the end of the runway”.

"This could have caused significant damage to the aircraft and its occupants," the report reads.

When it took off, the A320 ended up passing “just 10.6 meters” above the airport fence.

According to AAIB, in preparing the flight the pilots made calculations for runway 21 at Lisbon airport, but used incorrect measurements.

AAIB states that the pilots “were interrupted several times during the preparation of the flight”, which contributed to the calculation error.

The report also reads that "the operator had two incidents of the same kind in Lisbon, which happened 14 days apart in early 2019".