easyJet resumes 51 routes from Portugal

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easyJet started today flying 51 of its 64 routes from Portugal's 4 main airports - Lisbon, Porto, Faro and Funchal

France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg and Italy will be the destinations where easyJet will fly from Portugal. Serving Portugal from north to south equally.

There will be fewer flight frequencies on offer, however, easyJet predicts that it will fly around 80 percent and 92 percent of the routes that serve Portugal in the summer months.

EasyJet globally plans to fly 50 percent of its 1022 routes in July and 75 percent in August, although with a lower frequency of flights equivalent to about 30 percent of normal capacity from July to September.

José Lopes, general director of easyJet Portugal, said: "Today [1 July] we recover 80 percent of our routes and bring 2/3 of our crew with our passengers. We couldn't be more satisfied as we are going to travel on most of our routes across Europe, which means that customers can still reach the destination chosen for this year's summer vacation.

We will have routes available at the 4 Portuguese airports to ensure that in these difficult times we will continue to make Portugal known to the world and allow the Portuguese to fly safely and at affordable prices.

This start-up will still be done in an uncertain scenario and therefore less frequently than usual, only 30 percent of the normal offer. We will continue to monitor the evolution of demand and restrictions in the different markets in order to gradually adjust our offer."

EasyJet started flights from 15 June and implemented a series of measures developed jointly with aviation authorities, EASA and ICAO and at national level to help ensure the safety and well-being of passengers and the crew.

These measures also include improved cleaning and disinfection of airplanes and the requirement that passengers and crew must wear masks. Customers will be able to practice social distance at airports, at gates and during boarding. On board, and whenever possible, the crew will invite passengers to distance themselves from customers who do not belong to the same group when seats are available.

Additional cleaning and disinfection procedures for aircraft cabins are at the top of a daily cleaning schedule. All planes will be subject to a daily disinfection process, which provides surface protection against viruses for at least 24 hours.

All passengers and crew will have to wear masks on board at all times. To minimise crew movements within the cabin and maintain the highest levels of hygiene possible, the Bistro e Boutique service will not be available. In addition, all flights will be supplied with extra sanitary equipment, including masks, gloves and hand sanitizer, to ensure that they are always available to customers and crew on board, if necessary. EasyJet airplanes are already equipped with the most advanced air filtration technology, using high efficiency particle detention filters or HEPA filters, with the ability to capture 99.97 percent of airborne contaminants, such as viruses and bacteria. These filters are the same as those used in hospitals and through them the air in the cabin is constantly filtered and replaced and fresh air is introduced into the cabin every 3-4 minutes.

To protect customers and ground crew at the airport, our customers can use our automatic baggage drop-off counters to check in their hold baggage and monitors will be installed at the check-in counters at airports where the automatic suitcase delivery is not available. Onboard and shore crews will not handle any customer documents during the boarding process; therefore, passengers must present and scan their own documents. EasyJet already encourages all customers to check in online and download their boarding pass on their smartphone or print it out before arriving at the airport. Our ground crew will also wear gloves and masks at all times when transporting the customer's luggage to and from the plane.

Other recommendations for airports indicate that there may also be local measures implemented at airports, such as the mandatory use of masks, health self-declaration forms to be completed before departure and temperature control. EasyJet is working with all airports in which it operates to understand what measures will be taken to protect customers.

Customers will be able to implement social distance measures at boarding gates and during the boarding process. On board, and whenever possible, the crew will invite passengers to distance themselves from those who do not belong to their travel group depending on the availability of seats.

EasyJet will continue to work with all relevant national authorities to assess, review and adapt necessary measures in the long term.


John Dough- I couldn't disagree more --- we are stuck in Portugal and have had several flights cancelled and been refunded hundreds of pounds as has our son his refund was nearly £800.
Will continue to use Easyjet --- keep up the good work ---

By Jill from UK on 06-07-2020 09:50

Vliegen jullie naar Faro vanuit Lille wij zij van belgie maar wonen dicht bij het luchthaven van Lille

By Anna bovendaerde from Algarve on 04-07-2020 09:15

My legalized pakistani husband is waiting for 3 months to come back to Portugal to his portuguese family. Let's see.

By Maria Ahmed from Beiras on 02-07-2020 11:24

Well done Easyjet we love flying with you done over 50 flights now via your company and always good service fully recommend,but like anything in life there is always the odd few people that things go wrong for,but that's life happens in ALL companies.Brilliant keep the standard up .

By Bobby S from UK on 02-07-2020 11:24

Unfortunately EasyJet is a real lowlife amongst airlines. TAP isn't great, but easyjet is rock bottom. They cannot be contacted when there is a problem and they try to betray customers that requested refund/vouchers. Should I ultimately get our voucher than this will be my last ever flight with this company. I shoudl have looked at Trustpilot before ever booking a flight with them.

By John Dough from Lisbon on 02-07-2020 08:46

Still in Fuerteventura waiting 2 get home (6months)

By Stephen fuller from UK on 02-07-2020 07:57
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