Eight women accused of pick-pocketing Lisbon tourists

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Portugal’s Public Prosecutor (MP) has accused eight women, one of whom is being held in custody, for robbery, computer fraud and document falsification.

According to a note from the Lisbon Department of Criminal Investigation and Action (DIAP) released on Tuesday, the MP believes the defendants “are part of an organised group” who stole tourists’ wallets to later use their credit cards in various commercial establishments throughout the capital, namely to purchase clothing and accessories and expensive jewellery, during incidents that took place between September and December last year in Lisbon.

According to the indictment, the defendants, who are all foreign nationals, “acted in a concerted manner and according to a previously-outlined plan, and carefully chose their victims, almost always tourists, who appeared to be wealthy”.

The leader of the group has been held on remand since 7 December 2018, due to the possibility of being a flight-risk and reoffending.


Foreign nationals...imagine my surprise.

By Stuart H Watson from Algarve on 16-06-2019 01:14

Please note that most of these people are not portuguese, so be awere of the color of the skin for Eastern men and women.

Also gypsies will try to sell you stuff and their kids will steal your things including complete suitcases.

By Paul from Porto on 15-06-2019 11:09

As we crowded onto the metro train May 22nd at Lapa Church station in Porto, Portugal, on our way to the airport just 6 stops away, I pushed my wallet all the way to the bottom of my front pocket. Not 10 minutes later, as we walked through the Porto airport to check in for our flight, I felt to see that my wallet was still there...it was gone.along with all my credit cards, bank card, drivers licence, everything except my passport. And still two weeks of travel in Portugal.They are good.I was watching those around me and somehow, they got it. Now, back home in British Columbia, I have all my replacement cards, but out of pocket almost 500.00 Canadian.

By Rod Wiens from Other on 15-06-2019 08:22
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