English turkeys vote for Christmas

By Gwynne Dyer, in News · 20-12-2019 01:00:00 · 35 Comments


Down on the turkey farm, the Scottish and Irish birds noticed that the smiling man in the festive costume was holding a hatchet behind his back, and hid. The Welsh turkeys looked confused and huddled together squawking. But the English turkeys marched bravely up to the chopping block, confident that this would be a Christmas to remember.

Boris Johnson’s big victory in the ‘Brexit’ election was achieved almost entirely with English votes. Only 20 of the 364 seats won by the Conservative Party were in the other three ‘nations’ of the United Kingdom.
The United Kingdom will continue to be called that for several years, but this election has actually sounded its death knell. It was the votes of English nationalists that gave Johnson his victory, and they don’t really care if the UK survives. Just as well, because it won’t.
The English have been nationalists for around five centuries, but they were also content to share a broader ‘British’ identity so long as it gave them bragging rights on the world’s biggest empire. Once that was gone, a specifically English nationalism was bound to resurface eventually.
The resurgence of nationalism in Scotland and Wales was also inevitable, and in Northern Ireland it had never gone away. All those nationalisms largely defined themselves by challenging the domination of the English majority (83 percent) in the UK, but English nationalists obviously needed a bigger opponent to push against. They found it, inevitably, in the European Union.
The EU is not very credible as an oppressor, but it has been allotted that role by the Conservative Party and the right-wing, billionaire-owned media that dominate the English scene. From ‘Take Back Control’ to ‘Get Brexit Done’, the Conservatives’ slogans work in England, although they have almost no power in the other nations of the UK.
Three-fifths of Conservative Party members now believe that the break-up of the UK would be an acceptable price to pay for leaving the EU. A smaller majority would even accept the demise of their own party if that were the price of leaving. (The pollsters neglected to ask them if they were willing to sacrifice their first-born sons, but presumably their answer would have been the same.)

This unhinged English nationalism will hasten the departure of Scotland from the UK. Scotland will leave to get away from the English crazies and to stay in the EU, its path to the latter goal made easier because in 2017 Spain withdrew its long-standing threat to veto Scottish membership of the EU. A second and successful Scottish independence referendum is probably only two years away.
This election also revealed a majority for ‘Remain’ in Northern Ireland, and the shortest route to that goal would be via union with the Republic of Ireland (which remains an EU member).
That risks reigniting ‘The Troubles’ that ended 20 years ago, but the Protestant loyalists have been betrayed and abandoned by Boris Johnson, so it might work. All the options are now dangerous, and this one not necessarily more so than others.
As for Wales, it will unenthusiastically stick with England. After 600 years of being governed from London – twice as long as the other non-English parts of the UK – it has got used to it. Or at least lost the ability to imagine anything else.
And what about England’s future? It will formally leave the EU by the end of January, but this is just the start of Brexit Part II, the negotiation of a trade agreement with the EU. That would normally take many years, but Boris Johnson swears that he will end the negotiation with or without a trade deal by the end of 2020.
Maybe he’s bluffing again: he didn’t die in a ditch the last time he promised to do so if he didn’t get a deal in time. Besides, crashing out without a deal would be catastrophic for the British economy: half of all UK trade is with the EU. So many people think Johnson will make another sweetheart deal with the EU to save his skin, just like he did last October.
Not necessarily. Johnson pretends to be an amiable, scatter-brained clown, but he is actually a highly skilled political operator with close ties to hard-right British and American ideologues like Donald Trump. If he really shares their goal of opening the British economy up for asset-stripping, then crashing out is a way to achieve that goal.
On the other hand, Johnson is a man without fixed principles or ideology. His sole goal is the acquisition and retention of personal power, and that might require him to pay attention to the interests of the disillusioned and deluded former Labour voters who gave him this victory. He may not dismantle the British welfare state as far and as fast as his backers expect.
Don’t ask me which way he will jump. He probably doesn’t know that himself yet.


“Questions are beginning to be asked around a number of anomalies at the recent British General Election, particularly surrounding the issue of postal voting.

Lord Ashcroft, who is known for conducting his own private polling and studies around many British political issues, has revealed that an astonishing 38% of all votes cast at the general election were postal votes. This compares with a figure of 15.3% in 2010, 16.4% in 2015 and 18% in 2017.

“We found 38% saying they had voted by post. The Conservatives won 48% of postal votes, with 29% going to Labour and 13% to the Lib Dems. 41% of Conservative and Lib Dem voters voted by post, compared to 34% of Labour and 33% of SNP voters.”

Lord Ashcroft polls. The sample was 13,000.
The number of postal votes more than doubling across the country in just two years is certainly questionable if not outright alarming.

The number of postal votes cast may explain the confusion that Labour activists have had around the turnouts, with long queues of young Labour voters being noted at many ballot boxes. The scenes at the polling stations and narrowing in the polls gave hopes of a hung parliament before the devastating exit polls were revealed early on election night.” https://redrevolution.co.uk/2019/12/22/questions-beginning-to-be-raised-about-voting-irregularities-at-british-general-election/?fbclid=IwAR16XhcSS1p8-EpwafZqDlpwj6_LTYTEHxI8o4pKyKGtbPP1UcKQBK1Xu5I

By D Daniel from UK on 27-12-2019 11:27

I wonder how bad things will have to get in England before all these people who are spitting fire about this article realise they have made a big mistake? By the venom in their comments and writing it suggest to me that they already have huge misgivings for what they have done. For the first time in my 50+ year I am genuinely scared for this county and its democracy. I believe we've gone down a very dangerous one way street.

By Jim Gough from UK on 25-12-2019 09:58

Absolute trash! and one nasty piece of work. Even given the low standards of Journalism these days, this piece isn't even worthy of lifting the pan lid for

By Steve from Algarve on 25-12-2019 08:35

As an Englishman who wasn't taken in by the lies and rhetoric, I can only say I completely agree with the article. I'm absolutely gutted that we are leaving under the false pretences that were shoved down our throats during the referendum. I also don't blame the Scots and Irish who do want to break away. I live very close to the border with Scotland and will be sorely tempted to move over it if they do get independence.

By Steve Akitt from UK on 25-12-2019 07:46

What a pile of pony. I voted to remain but it is articles like this that make me wonder if I made the right call. Other than in Scotland, no party other than the conservatives had a decent majority and the Welsh certainly want to stay in the union as proven by votes over the years. For me as an Englishman, I am emotionally tied to the Union but my head says that England would be far better off without having to bear the cost of the northern Irish and Scots.

By Peter from Algarve on 25-12-2019 04:57

Please remember your rubbish article, one sided and misleading when you get your begging bowl out because there is not the English money around to give you. Also over 300,000 of your people living in England enjoying the prosperity. There will always be issues in the United Kingdom because whilst the other 3 Nations have a view the U.K. has a democratic system of government that is the cornerstone of democracy. We, unlike others listen to the will of the people to set our course and bot be directed by the unelected in Brussels. Portugal might like to live that way but NOT the British People

By John from Other on 25-12-2019 03:56

Well said. I can hear turkeys gobbling frantically

By Niel Ussher from Algarve on 25-12-2019 12:52

Excellent article. The turkeys have indeed taken over the asylum. Let little England have their Brexit so they can rule the waves once more.... easily manipulated people as the last election has proven. The fascists are in power and they will understand soon enough what a balls ups they have made. Once bankrupt they will beg to get back into the EU I just hope they don't steal all of Scotlands resources or conduct anymore land or sea grabbing before they leave. Poor Scotland being landed next door to them but your time will come sooner rather than later. Keep the pressure in the bstards!

By Niall Gillies from Other on 24-12-2019 09:30

Yes, you are right the English Turkey's did vote for Brexit, but we Scots didn't and far from being Anti European I see more opportunities for my country within a wider European family of nations than from building walls.

The Westminster Government in London has shown their contempt for the will of Scotland's people once to often, and now think they can deny us the right to go on our own? Why, what do they have to fear? They are always telling us Scots that they subsidise us, so contemptuously they are calling us charity cases? The question is however, if we are such a drain on their monetary resources why try to deny us our right to go it alone? Could it be Scotland is their cash cow that they cannot live without? I think the EU should be happy the trash is gone, but I hope there is space for Scotland once we get our Independence done.

By John Watson from UK on 23-12-2019 11:10

Wow, is that one butthurt snowflake! Get over yourself! You will be screaming for a people general election next because you didnt like the result of this one!

By Nigel from Alentejo on 23-12-2019 10:40

The UK is very tribal, and the vote has been done along those tribal lines, ...
I can understand that English people have a problem with the heading of this article, ... no one wants to be treated as a turkey voting for Christmas, ... but the content of the article is spot on, but not for those that are in total denial, ...
the results show it, ... only 20 of the 364 conservative MPs come from the smaller nations, for which the UK has no concern, not to say no respect, ...

By HarBout from Lisbon on 22-12-2019 08:15

He probably doesn't know what way to jump because Dominic Cummings hasn't informed him yet. What a refreshingly honest article. Completely agree. Regarding my country Scotland being denied its democratic sovereign right to decide it's future. You could ask If England wanted Independence who would THEY ask permission for it of? The Union is an agreement between two Sovereign Nations either of whom can leave at any time. It's Scotland's time to leave. In my opinion it should never have been in union in the first place. We'll take 100% of Scotland's wealth instead the of 8.3% we get just now

By Brian Macfarlane from UK on 22-12-2019 04:37

Eric B from Lisbon, can you amend your comments from Brits to English please. We Scots are no daft enough to vote for Back door Boris.

By sheila rutherford-mccallum from Other on 22-12-2019 02:49

You don't need scare quotes around the word nations in "the other three ‘nations’ of the United Kingdom".

They are nations.

By Michael Shedden from UK on 22-12-2019 02:41

The article nailed the attitude of the establishment and those they have conned. Judging by some of the comments "they don't like it up 'em Mr Mainwairing"!

By William W Laidlaw from USA on 22-12-2019 02:35

I am tremendously happy that someone calls who and what by their proper names. Living in London for twenty-four years, working and living (and paying taxes, obviously) I am a witness to the rancour buried, for some decades, in the minds of English patronising and bullying nationals, exasperatingly getting out into public by permission of the Tory governments, especially by Boris the Johnson with their execrable, immoral and fascistic speeches and actions. Make Britain Again, he'll eulogise in a second or two. I am in complete agreement with the author supra and the discordant voices are just another example of the starting censorship that sprang from the so-called Referendum in 2017 and will continue (ex. BBC journalists not to use Tweeter...) It is sad to be also witness to all this having lived under the fascist dictatorship in Portugal, and it is exactly the same that here is happening, how unfortunate! Benjamin Silva-Pereira, Writer & Authoir, London.

By Benjamin Silva-Pereira from UK on 22-12-2019 10:02

well written, excellent article, its so funny to see the ranting and frothing remarks from the brainwashed turkeys.

By Simon Bennett from Porto on 22-12-2019 08:14

Im Scottish, Westminster is embarrassing! roll on independence
Let’s see who can’t manage and who is really bank rolling who.....
Good luck on English independence it’s been a roller coaster but this is where we disembark..

By Neil from Other on 22-12-2019 07:58

Sirs, as a Scot who has enjoyed the hospitality of the wonderful Portuguese people on many holidays in the Algarve it breaks my heart to being dragged out of Europe by the xenophobic and insular attitude of our “ neighbours” in the south. I long for the the day when I can use my Scottish and European passport to to move freely through customs whilst looking at the huge queues at the non European customs controls made up of primarily English turkeys. SAOR ALBA GU BRATH!

By Derek Attfield from UK on 22-12-2019 07:56

A very amusing article. But it was very clearly written by someone who is deeply miffed by the way things have panned out after the election. I think Gwynne Dyer is very obviously a remainer who STLL, even now, fails to accept the result of a national ballot - but of course must now be resigned to it.

I've been in London since Thursday at the invitation of Nigel Farage. It's a sort of Brexit Party post-mortem on how their campaign went and how it may have influenced the outcome. I'm just here to prepare a Blog on their new website - for the newly registered Reform Party.

Gwynne must realise that many here in the UK are now just mightily relieved to see the Parliamentary impasse disappear. Most of us accept that some degree of pragmatism needs to be adopted whilst getting Brexit done.

Going forward, surely anything is better than yet more referenda bestowed upon us by those who had no desire to do anything other than thwart our exit from the EU at all costs. Labour was offering a weak deal (half-heartily negotiated by remainers) versus Remain. So - Remain vs Remain in essence. Some choice? No wonder Corbyn and Co have been so verily trounced. They actually thought that the electorate were stupid enough to swallow that one? That's the problem with the political classes. They genuinely think that everyone outside their bubble are brainless plebs - even though it is us lit who generate the revenues and employ them as our representatives.

But that will the ir won't they rubbish is all over now. Brexit is coming - ready or not.

Admittedly, had I known what kind of mess we would have ended up in after Cameron’s referendum – I probably wouldn’t have voted for Cameron or his referendum. We would have avoided all this hassle and division. However, the question would have not gone away. It would still be simmering under the surface - festering away.

Despite my reservations I still think that the UK electorate deserved to be given a choice and in an ideal world - that choice should have long since been implemented. With hindsight I think most would agree with that now.

The reason we haven’t already got ‘Brexit Done’ is really quite simple. We Brexiteers have been battling agaist the Remainers ever since the referendum was won. This band of individuals have utilised every stumbling block in the book in order to try and overturn the 2016 result. We are where we are because of such division.

Remainers made up 70% of the UK Parliament before this last election and they worked closely with the EU in order to try and halt and even stop Brexit altogether. The EU know full well that Brexit is a threat to their project and they were battling for the long term survival of the EU itself. Which is understandable. So I suspect that they were pretty happy to have had so much support amidst the Westminster elites.

Westminster is the only UK Parliament which has actively campaigned to see it’s own authority diminished. The others Parliaments (not least of all Holyrood and Y Senedd) wish to have MORE say-so - not less. They certainly aspire towards more powers and do not seem to wish to hand power and influence away to Westminster. Although curiously they do aspire to concede any hard earned autonomy that they may one day win to the EU. To me - that's simply exchanging one master for another?

But – going back to Cameron. A vote for Cameron was a vote for an “IN–OUT” referendum; something that the Cameron Government had PROMISED to implement whether the country voted IN or OUT. So I believed that the situation was; that we’d actually get what we voted for. Not an unreasonable assumption in a democracy?

The referendum was never promoted as a best of three - so Brexiteers felt no compunction to enter into a second referendum. The first was good enough for us. We won it after all.

At the end of the day - it was a binary choice referendum (REMAIN or LEAVE). That was it.

OK. It was never going to be easy to unpick our ties with the EU but with the right people in charge, people who actually WANTED to deliver Brexit – it was also quite doable. Theresa May was never 100% committed. She voted and campaigned to remain after all. So, her mantra meant nothing and her team made it sound like leaving the EU was almost an impossible task - frought with difficulties.

But – the truth is. We are already wholly aligned with the EU. We know the rules and the codes of practice intimately – so nothing needs to change as regards trading with the Bloc. We are already doing it on a minute by minute basis, 24/7 and 365 days a year without a hitch.

Travel should not be an issue either. If I can get a plane to Timbuktu or the South Atlantic - a flight from Liverpool to Faro should be a cynch? If it means a few more checks - so be it. I can live with that.

It is in neither side’s interest to disrupt these flows. Punitive measures by either side would be both detrimental and foolish. It is not about the UK ‘having our cake and eating it’ – it’s about common sense and a respect for each individual territory’s internal democracies. The UK voiced it's wishes in several recent ballots and the result has leaned more and more towards Brexit each time. The last vote was definitive.

We understand that the EU is incredibly miffed but the UK did hold a referendum and we achieved a result which was quite means LEAVE.

Brexit shouldn’t stop us all sharing a common purpose, not only to maintain our trading links but also aspiring to enhance them. Surely that is for the greater good?

The word Brexit has been politicised and made toxic by an elite, globalist minority who have strived to fashion a federal Europe by stealth. Slowly, slowly catchy monkey.

The following isn't my opinion but moreover a statement of fact:

The British Government have on several occasions now been issued explicit instructions by the electorate – so it ought to be clear to all those who have opposed Brexit to date that this instruction MUST and will now be acted upon by a democratically elected Brexiteer Govenment. We elected them to do this by a massive majority. For those who believe in democracy - this should spell the end of the argument now.

There was never really any point asking “what about those who voted to REMAIN?” The referendum offered a BINARY choice. There was never any middle ground to give. We can only either be in the EU or – we’re out? Where is the middle ground?

The idea of the UK being sort of half in the EU – accepting all the rules and directives and having no hand in making any of those rules and directives was nothing other than pure remainer capitulation? It was the absolute opposite to the very idea of Brexit. In fact being half in was very much WORSE (in Brexiteer eyes). It was less desirable than full EU Membership because as members we did at least have quite a prominent seat at the table and we had a hand in making the rules. Half in - half out would have ended that and we'd be stuck in the EU as captives with no mechanisms in place for us to ever have another chance to leave.

From a Wales perspective:

Wales voted to LEAVE. We weren’t huddled togther in a confused frenzy like Gwynne's article suggested at all. Because Wales voted 53% for LEAVE to 47% REMAIN with a 72% turnout. A fairly convincing endorsement of Brexit by any standards?

Admittedly since the 2016 referendum – Wales has been the source of much Brexit disquietude but bear in mind that this disquiet has come from the direction of disproportionally loud minority parties like Plaid Cymru and the Lib-Dems.

But now, the Lib-Dems have been wiped out in Wales. That says it all. They don’t have a solitary Parliamentary seat in the entire Principality. Not so much Bollocks to Brexit but Bollocks to the Lib Dems it seems?

Plaid Cymru call themselves ‘The Party of Wales’ – yet they have only 4 Parliamentary Seats (all with greatly diminished majorities). They also campaigned to stop Brexit - and they have suffered the consequences of such a betrayal. They retain their 4 seats (held in predominantly Welsh speaking constituencies who would never vote for an English Party).

On the other hand, Boris’s Tories enhanced their lot in Wales by 8 seats (they now hold 15 Welsh constituencies). Labour won the majority of Welsh Seats (22 constituencies in all) – but we all know that many Labour voters in Wales are committed Brexiteers but would never (in a month of Sundays) vote for a Tory. Tribal politics is still alive and well in the valleys of South Wales and their affiliations to The Labour Party trump any matters such as Brexit. So this assertion that every Labour vote should be counted as a Remain vote is not only incorrect but it is also disingenuous.

I don’t think Scotland will be granted IndyRef-2 anytime soon – unless Scotland follows the Catalonian example and goes it alone with an illegal and unconstitutional ballot.

Boris Johnson has categorically denied the Scots Nats yet another tiresome, divisive and disruptive referendum. The last vote in Scotland was quite a definite rejection of Independence.

But I suppose we are living in an era where referenda nor the results of bonafide elections are respected by those who happen to be on the losing side. Quite frankly, I have never witnessed anything like this before. Even the impeachment of Donald Trump is as a direct result of his opponents failing to accept the inconvenient fact that Trump actually WON! He won fair and square. The rules of engagement was the same for all. It was a totally level playing field and a platform which unfortunately staged a horrible and nasty campaign from both sides but like it or lump it - Trump won the day.

The impeachment process has been initiated by his opponents. Isn’t that a surprise? But, sadly for them – the whole matter is actually galvanising support for Donald Trump with his poll ratings now soaring. No mid term blues for Mr Trump. On the contrary.

Back to Scotland. Despite the Independence argument being rejected in 2014 – the SNP are a party who’s main reason for existing is to campaign (almost like a stuck record) for Scottish Independence. The bleating for IndyRef-2 started the morning after they lost IndyRef-1. Salmond resigned after their defeat under his management and an insurgent Nichola Sturgeon immediately vowed to fight on and campaign for IndyRef-2. She didn’t care a jot that her beloved Scotland had said NO to Independence because the SNP and herself are wholly defined by ideology. I have seldom seen her lips move without the word “Independence” coming out of her mouth. But it is far from clear whether support for Independence in Scotland has grown or diminished. Most polls have the numbers at around the same levels as they were in 2014. So the case for a repeat is weak.

Pardon me - but did I not distinctly hear that the Scottish Referendum was a “once in a generation” ballot? Even the SNP portrayed it as such in an effort to convince the voters that this was their one and only chance at securing an autonomous Government for Scotland. Yet the Scots overwhelmingly chose to stay part of the UK. That should really be that? Shouldn't it?

The Brexit issue has since been used as a Trojan horse by the Scots Nats in a cynical to attempt to justify another ballot.

As for Scotland being accepted as a new member of the EU (should they ever secure Independence). Currently this is absolute pie in the sky.

The deficit in Scotland is seven times higher than the UK as a whole. So, Scottish finances are not in a very healthy place and certainly do not meet the EU’s stringent criteria for Membership. Especially now that the EU will be losing billions from the absence of UK contributions to their coffers. I doubt that the EU will be very receptive to any more lame duck economies joining in to draw on their resources?

Look at it this way. Scotland’s national deficit is the highest in the EU at 7% of GDP.

Cyprus has the next nearest at 4.8%, while Romania’s is at 3% and France at 2.5%. EU membership rules require member states to have a budget deficit below 3%. So for the SNP to pretend that a 7% deficit is not an issue is both misleading and irresponsible. Independence would leave them up the proverbial creek – without a paddle nor a currency!

As for Welsh Independence?

Well, it’s never going to happen. It’s a non starter.

Plaid Cymru have never been the Party of Government in Wales even though they campaigned the loudest for Devolution. Every one of the other parties in Y Senedd do not lean towards the idea of separatism.

I keep hearing the Welsh Nats declare that they have convinced 28% of the electorate to be either pro Independence or to be ‘IndyCurious’. Such statistics may be somewhat impressive at first glance but when you look at the figures more logically – all they demonstrate is that 72% of the Welsh electorate are AGAINST these outlandish ideals.

Ireland is a different matter. There are different provisions made in Statute:

It is stated in the Good Friday Agreement that consent for a united Ireland must be “freely and concurrently given” in both the North and the South of the island of Ireland. The Northern Ireland Act states that “if at any time it appears likely to him (The Secretary of State) that a majority of those voting would express a wish that Northern Ireland should cease to be part of the United Kingdom and form part of an united Ireland”, the Secretary of State shall make an Order in Council enabling a border poll.

Currently there is nowhere near a majority holding a view that a border poll would be a good idea at this juncture because of very real fears that a resurgence of violence on the Island of Ireland may arise from such ballot being held.

We've all seen that referenda are poor tools when it comes to creating unity and a peaceable existence. Brexit has been a valuable lesson if nothing else

The last poll in Ulster was in 1973 when the result was 99% in favour of The Province remaining part of the UK.

I have always been amused by those who are irritated by ‘English Nationalism’ because no matter where you go in Wales – the Welsh Dragon is proudly flown and let’s be honest – it's a prominent symbol of Welsh Nationalism as well as more benign Welsh pride.

In Scotland The Saltire or Saint Andrew's Cross is a common sight. Definitely a symbol of Scottish Nationalism and is always flown in great abundance at every SNP rally.

The Irish Tricolour is prominent in Eire as is the Spanish flag in Spain or the French flag in France! And why not? It's nice to see people being proud of their countries.

Yet - if anyone in England dares to fly the St George’s Cross – they are immediately branded as bigots or racists. Councils have made people take them down off their homes because the flag is deemed a source of offence to foreign nationals or people of a different ethnicity. The English flag is deemed toxic by some English people. How an Englishman finds his own National symbol offensive is beyond me.

I’d love to see anyone try to make the Portuguese take down their National flag because they are offended by it! It just wouldn’t happen.

By Douglas Hughes from UK on 22-12-2019 01:34

A wonderful objective piece of journalism that absolutely nails the situation in the “United” Kingdom. The turkeys have voted for Xmas, and they are welcome to it. The rest of us pray for our independence.

By Andy Unger from UK on 21-12-2019 11:50

The article is an opinion. Everyone has their opinion, its derived from perspective everyone has a perspective from where they sit. I am a former RM Commando. 11 years served.
Scotland is indeed a country with with vision and ability. Looking at the shambles created by Englands desire for Empire and visionless leaders I fully believe Nichola Sturgeon has proven track record and her politicians come from working class backgrounds from doctors to chipshop workers.
Hollyrood is small effective and transparent. Scotland is big enough smart enough and has the infrastructure to deliver a competant management of Scotlands affairs. Less war more inward development.
Get ot done.

By Ronnie from UK on 21-12-2019 03:12

It was this sort of patronising nonsense that produced the election result. I, and clearly a lot of others, became tired of being told we didn't have the capacity to understand the issue. For me, it boils down to this: we signed up to a common trading bloc, not a Federal Europe, which is the clear aim of the EU. It's time for us to make our own decisions, some of which will not be the right ones by the lights of all UK citizens - but how could that ever be otherwise?
Scotland and Northern Ireland may leave the Union but the Scottish referendum took place before Brexit was in place. The Scots had the option to vote to leave the UK while the UK remained part of the EU. Scottish Nationalism has not emerged because of Brexit, any more than the wish of many in Northern Ireland for a united Ireland has. If either leave I, as an Englishman (but British first), will be sad but that decision, ultimately, will lie with the people of Scotland and Northern Ireland, as it should. The UK government will not resist calls for a second Scottish Independence referendum indefinitely.
There has long been an acceptance in the UK that Northern Ireland will one day have a referendum on a united Ireland. The demographics of NI dictate that. The Catholic (traditionally Nationalist) community's birth rate is higher than the Protestant (traditionally Unionist) community's. At some point in the not too distant future those figures will tell.
For the moment the UK has voted to leave the EU. The referendum was UK-wide and all parties pledged to honour the result. The author of the article clearly doesn't like it, but that's democracy. Time to get on with it.

By Claude LeFou from UK on 21-12-2019 03:12

A disgusting piece of trash journalism, fear mongering with very little actual facts. No wonder journalists are now the most untrusted and hatred profession in Europe.

By Mark from Other on 21-12-2019 02:24

To those critics here writing from Portugal, I say count yourselves fortunate to be living in an EU country with a socialist government. The views expressed by Gwynne reflect the majority here in the UK, who are utterly depressed by the nonsense of Brexit and the prospects for the UK economy, health and welfare provision and social justice under an extreme right-wing Tory government.

By Felix Ansell from UK on 21-12-2019 12:12

An excellent, insightful and honest article spoiled only by the moronic rantings from the rabid, frothing at the mouth Brit Nat buffoons bloviating fatuously in the comments. They are exactly the sort of mentally impaired eejits who voted for BawJaws Johnson and his merry band of disaster capitalist shyster scum. Thank goodness that Scotland has seen through the curtain of lies and deception to the mental-midget narcissist hiding within. Scotland will do very well as an independent nation in the EU while sadly watching as the rump of what was once the UK self destructs and feeds itself to outside interests who want only to profit from its demise. Saor Alba gu brath!

By Lachlan McLachlan from Other on 21-12-2019 11:41

What an interesting article. Couldn’t have put it better myself. Has captured the thoughts of most voters in Scotland Time will tell what damage will be done to the UK. Unfortunately it’s going to be sooner rather than later.

By Trish Nisbet from UK on 21-12-2019 06:55

Another anti-British rant by Gwynne Dyer, an independent journalist, thinly disguised as an article on Brexit. Ironic given that he is a Canadian who has chosen to live in London.

Not only is this article not based in fact, it is childishly written and poorly structured. It is certainly not news, it is just one mans opinion; more than anything it is offensive in one way or another towards all British people and borderline racism.

By Tim D from Other on 20-12-2019 06:55

What awful racist journalism, have a vile Christmas and dreadful 2020 Gwynne Dyer you scum.

By Mark Bica from Lisbon on 20-12-2019 06:23

As a life long Conservative voter, I was floored by the options open to me during this election. Boris Johnson and his government had shown a total disregard for Parliament, and the British people and the economic future of the country. I agree entirely with this article. It shows Boris as the amoral egotist he is, and my children will have to live with the fallout of his actions for many years.

By Steve Betts from UK on 20-12-2019 03:06

Who the hell is this written by ? A rabid socialist EU nutcase ?
"This unhinged English nationalism".... What a nasty and biased piece. No evidence or facts offered whatsoever.

By Stuart from Lisbon on 20-12-2019 02:42

Dear Ian Watson,
All newspapers include opinion columns.
There is no longer any democratic mandate for Brexit. In the General Election more than 16 million people voted for Remain parties, less than 14 million for Leave parties. The UK's first-past-the-post electoral system is to blame for the travesty of a majority Tory government, which will now press ahead with its Thatcherite project of deregulation and trashing of employment and environmental protections. How any of those turkeys think that a wealthy, sociopathic old-Etonian has the slightest concern for their welfare is incredible.

By Felix Ansell from UK on 20-12-2019 02:01

What an appalling piece of basis journalism,I HAVE NEVER IN 63 YEARS read a more distasteful,load of clap trap in my life.

By MR Paul Timmins from UK on 20-12-2019 01:40

Excellent article and absolutely correct in all it says. The Brits are indeed Turkeys, lead by outdated right wing fascists. There should be no place for such people in the EU and the sooner they depart the better. The little Englanders will soon start to learn the errors of there ways for putting these fascists in power.

By Eric B from Lisbon on 20-12-2019 11:43

I thought this was a newspaper, with the emphasis on News. It would appear now to be a platform for a rant by someone who appears to despise the Conservative Party and Boris Johnson in particular. Whoever Gwynne Dyer is, they also appear to be an ardent Remainer who hasn't accepted the referendum result and is still moaning.

Can you please go back to being a Newspaper.

By Ian Watson from Algarve on 20-12-2019 11:18
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