“Enough milk production for Portugal” - Association

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APROLEP - Association of Milk Producers of Portugal today guaranteed that "there is enough milk production" in the country to face the contingencies caused by Covid-19, ensuring that farmers are to "work normally".

"We have enough milk production for Portugal. There is no reason to worry. Despite some specific issues, we are working normally and we have enough food stored for the animals," said Carlos Neves, the organisation's general secretary.

The leader admitted some "constraints" in the acquisition of materials necessary for the operation of the farms and in the supply of rations that complement the animals' food, but guaranteed that, for now, "everything has worked without problems".

"In our case, telecommuting is not possible. Therefore, we have passed on to our associates the care they must take to avoid being contaminated. There are many family farms where everyone needs to remain healthy to work," said Carlos Neves.

In the recommendations made by APROLEP, farmers are asked to, among other things, "stay at home, at the dairy and leave only to go to the fields or any indispensable travel", "avoid visits to the dairy by external persons, except for parcel deliveries or other essential "and that" maintain safe levels of 'stock' of feed, diesel, veterinary medicines and other factors of production ".

Carlos Neves guaranteed that the "companies that collect milk have also already established even tighter standards of hygiene and safety in operations", but recalled that the virus "is not transmitted by food".

"The European Food Safety Authority has already ensured that there is no risk of contagion through milk or any other food. In addition, the UHT milk commonly consumed by the Portuguese is pasteurized, taking a heat treatment. We feel that people continue to realize that milk is an essential and safe food ", stressed the leader.

In the case of production of cow's milk, farms have been working to satisfy the demands of factories and supermarkets in the face of increased consumer demand in recent days, but said he is aware that in the case of sheep and goat milk there has been a breakdown.

"I know that some of these farms have reduced production because the cheese factories that work for the restoration are no longer selling as much," he shared.

Carlos Neves also said that APROLEP is permanently monitoring what happens to the milk sector in countries like Italy or Spain, which were most affected by the spread of the new coronavirus, and stressed that the association's greatest concern "is being protect the health of farmers, most of them at some age ".


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