The most anticipated week in the world of escape games is back, and this time, for the 4th edition of the event, it has 30 escape rooms spread across the country with discounts of up to 50%. All information is available at .

Escape rooms are increasingly popular in Portugal and for the fourth consecutive time, fans of mysteries and team fun have the opportunity to access more than 100 games at reduced prices. For this event there is a website that works as an information center, which lists the members, shares reviews, promotions and other relevant details.

For those who do not know the escape games, they are collective immersion games that involve logical reasoning, teamwork, focus and concentration. Players use all these skills to solve a series of challenges and manage to escape from a room in less than 60 minutes. Each environment offers different puzzles and levels of difficulty.

The fourth edition, organized by Mission To Escape in partnership with the top 29 escape rooms companies in Portugal, will take place in early September and will feature more than 100 rooms across the country.

To consult the participating games and access conditions, just access the website

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