In true Eupheus style, it placed the skills and demands of 21st century learning at the heart of its curriculum and teaching ethos from the outset.

All Eupheus educators embrace the understanding that no student in the history of education is like todays modern learner. Students are complex, energetic and tech savvy individuals who want to be challenged and inspired in their learning. They want to collaborate, work with others and incorporate the technology that they love into classroom experiences.

Eupheus began its inaugural year with its unique student inspired Induction Week created by the Head of School, Ms Penelope Best, in collaboration with her fully qualified teacher team. The week provided a range of opportunities for all of the students to develop their free-thinking skills, experience diverse learning strategies and explore each area of the curriculum in a unique way.

Highlights of the opening week included an introduction to Physical Fitness led by the Eupheus Physical Education teacher, Pedro Coelho, while Head of Preparatory, Samantha Black, led a Mathematical challenge session for the whole school.

The Eupheus commitment to the environment and eco friendly approach to the curriculum was present in the Forest School element of the induction programme, led by Head of Pre-Preparatory, Mrs Lynda Gomez, who is the Forest School leader.

The programme also included an interactive student led Portuguese session, an exploration of music and a morning of science led activities focused around aviation inspired by the Eupheus Owl emblem.

The week concluded in a whole school excursion to Quinta Do Lago lake where the diverse fauna and flora and its ecological importance were explored by all of the students under the guidance of a marine biologist, who led an Eco tour of the lake.

Head of School, Penelope Best, said: “We are all lifelong learners and that is the absolute key to life at Eupheus. We have experienced an unbelievable first week together. The joy of learning and the fun of childhood exploration are shared within the Eupheus family. Every child is encouraged to try everything and to do his or her best.

“I look forward to observing all of our students flourish, and wish to thank all of those within the Eupheus family. The total support of the parents has been incredible from the very first minute that we opened. We look forward to an incredibly successful Eupheus future”.