The event, organised by the Council of the Portuguese Diaspora, intends to contribute to a "prosperous and sustainable" future in Africa and Europe, taking advantage of synergies and promoting business opportunities with mutual benefits, valuing the younger generations above all, according to the event's organisers.

Portuguese Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva will moderate an institutional panel on political outlooks for future relations between Europe and Africa, in which representatives from Angola, Cape Verde, Algeria, Senegal and Tunisia, and other ocuntries, will take part.

The meeting in Cascais "showcases and reinforces the role of Portugal as a privileged bridge between Europe and Africa," according to a statement from the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The president of the Council of the Portuguese Diaspora, Filipe de Botton, added that issues such as sharing of resources and infrastructures between the two continents will also be a focus, in order to create a "multiplying effect" and generate wealth, "accelerate of fourth industrial revolution" in Africa and promote the "African diasporas".

Speakers include Mariéme Jamme, founder of I Am The Code; Sophia Bekele, president of CBS International and founder and CEO of DotConnectAfrica; Kola Karim, founder and president of the Shoreline Group; Hitesh Anadkat, president of First Merchant Bank; Saran Kaba Jones, founder and president of Face Africa and Manuel Mota, the president of Mota-Engil Africa, among others.

The forum will be chaired by former Portuguese prime minister, former president of the European Commission and current non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs, José Manuel Durão Barroso.