European warrant extended for Football Leaks hacker

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European warrant extended for Football Leaks hacker

Hungary has accepted a request from Portugal’s office of public prosecutions to extend the European Arrest Warrant for Rui Pinto, the Portuguese computer hacker who is a major contributor to the ‘Football Leaks’ revelations.

The information is contained in a note published on the website of the office’s Central Department of Criminal Investigation and Action (DCIAP), after prosecutors had in July requested the extension of the existing European Arrest Warrant, citing their investigation of alleged illegal activities by Pinto in addition to the alleged hacking of Malta-based investment company Doyen Sports and Lisbon football club Sporting that saw him extradited.

“This request [by prosecutors] received a positive response from the Hungarian authorities, who on 13 August 2019 gave consent to the extension of the EAW,” notes the DCIAP, adding that the investigation, directed by the MP of the DCIAP with the assistance of the Judicial Police, is under investigation and is in a process of justice.

Football Leaks, the largest ever unsanctioned release of information in the history of sports, in 2015 revealed financial transactions in European professional football.

Pinto, 30, was detained in Hungary in January, at the request of the Portuguese authorities, and extradited to Portugal in March. A court ordered him to be held in prison on remand, where he has been since then.


Good I just hope he spends a lot of time in jail. Then is then sued by all those clubs/persons he has leaked information on. If this means he is bankrupted so be it. The question I have to ask myself is who put him up to this. Someone must have told him to hack into Manchester City. I just cannot see him doing this on his own accord, there fore someone in authority must have asked him to do this.

by Peter from UK on 11-09-2019 03:22:00
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