According to the founders of the Spa For Babies, the techniques applied therein are “the result of deep scientific knowledge, and the entire structure is designed to conform to the latest and most prestigious experiences that prove the benefits of multisensory stimuli.”
In a statement the Spa For Babies’ founding specialist explains the concept is based on research relating to early childhood and inspired by successful models created in the USA.
The Spa is host to a variety of activities and aims to strengthen awareness of the importance of the brain’s development from birth, through the benefits of such things as hydrotherapy and massage.
Created by Prof. Dr. Clementina Almeida, the pioneering project describes its mission as being “to facilitate the pathway that promotes the future of mental health of today’s babies.”
“Outside Portugal, work in the area of sensory stimulation is already a current routine and we believe the Spa For Babies plays a key role in facilitating the access of the Portuguese to this type of information,” says Dr. Almeida, who as well as being a psychologist and founder of the Spa is also a researcher at Babylab, a project developed by the University of Coimbra, and author of Babysense, an innovative programme dedicated to the sensory stimulation of babies.
“We want to show the best way to ensure that babies are able to achieve their full potential with a view to their healthy growth”, she adds.