Ecuador tops the list, followed by Costa Rica, Malta, Israel, and the Philippines.
Indonesia, Panama, Thailand, Portugal, the only other European nation to feature besides Malta, and Mexico round out the top ten destinations for romance.
In all top ten countries for romance, the average age of all participants is between three and twelve years above that of the general survey population (40.9 years).
Worldwide, 53 percent of respondents are women and 47 percent are men. Portugal, Malta, and Israel have considerably more female participants, with percentages between 62 percent and 72 percent.
The expats living in the top ten destinations for love are less likely than the average to be in a long-distance relationship.
In Portugal, considerably more women are charmed by life, or at least there is a significantly higher percentage of female expats to be found there (62 as opposed to 38 percent for men).
Portugal is also considered the third most welcoming country for expats overall and ranks fifth in both, the Quality of Life and the Ease of Settling In Index.
Although only just over half of the expats living here are in a committed relationship, they are some of the happiest, with almost nine out of ten of them overall, satisfied with their love life.