Left unmanaged, gum disease progresses from inflamed gums (gingivitis) to pus in tooth sockets and loose teeth that hurt. Apart from being painful (tooth root abscesses are awful), the rest of your pet’s health suffers. Bacteria in the pus enter the bloodstream, and settle out in the heart and kidneys. Diseases of heart valves are very common in middle-aged dogs. Pus in the gums makes the heart disease progress faster.

Frequently, the pet that is perceived as ‘getting old’ is rejuvenated by having some rotten teeth removed. Like us, despite feeling ill, they learn to eat around a bad tooth.
As well as suffering from poor hygiene, teeth can be broken or start to be eaten away (cats), gums can overgrow (particularly Boxers), and tumours can develop.

At 124 Vet we believe that prevention is better than cure; you can expect your pet’s oral health to be checked as a matter of course. We offer a free dental checkup to advise on preventative/remedial care. This may include (where appropriate) teaching how to brush, use of water additives to reduce mouth bacteria, and dietary advice (unfortunately, daily dental sticks fail to live up to claims, mainly making dogs fat).

Any recommended remedial work is planned with your input – treatments will vary with aftercare feasibility – highly dependent on the temperament of your pet!

We have a full dental suite, including x-ray and dedicated area away from the (very clean) operating theatre.

Work can vary from minor tartar removal in the awake pet to complex extractions under general anaesthetic. We can also treat overgrown gums and certain tumours (see Before and After pics – removal was curative).

We are also happy to treat your pet’s teeth on a referral basis if your vet does not offer dental care; afterwards, we’ll send them a report.

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