Extreme right in the Armed Forces questioned

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Members of the BE parliamentary group have sent a set of questions to the Ministry of National Defence about alleged infiltrations of extreme right groups in the Portuguese Armed Forces.

“The BE parliamentary group considers that, just as the connections of elements of the PSP and GNR police forces to the extreme right have been the subject of investigations conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the same procedure must take place within the Armed Forces”, read the note to the government.

The members of BE believe that it is necessary “to prevent the proliferation of extremist, racist, xenophobic and discriminatory manifestations, which contradict the spirit of brotherhood, camaraderie, loyalty and integrity that must characterise the Portuguese Armed Forces and show respect for the Constitution of the Republic ”.

“Does the Government confirm the opening of inquiries and the prosecution of military personnel from the branches of the Armed Forces for suspected infractions related to the extreme right?”, is one of the questions asked.

The BE request, signed by deputies João Vasconcelos and Pedro Filipe Soares, refers to a recent report in Diário de Notícias stating that “the Military Judicial Police is investigating a possible infiltration of elements from extreme right movements in the Armed forces”.

The same article, says the BE, adds that the Army, Navy and Air Force “are aware of ‘inappropriate’ activities on social networks and other forms of communication conducted by the military, which except for the Air Force, have not seen any in-depth investigations to understand the extent of the problem “.


The BE should focus their attention in real issues such as making the government accountable to running the country in the most honest and efficient way and improving the lives of every day citizen instead of going around and calling everyone a racist! This crap coming out of the US and infiltrating our country is just ridiculous! We are not the US!

By Anna from Madeira on 18-09-2020 11:21

What about the extreme-left?

By Tony Fernandes from Other on 18-09-2020 06:53
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