Façade of Campo Pequeno Bullring in Lisbon vandalised

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Four men have vandalised the main door and an attached wall of the Praça de Touros do Campo Pequeno in Lisbon, with a red liquid, according to the PSP.

The same source said that the four men launche the balloons containing the liquid around 7:15am on 27 August, dirtying the walls of the bullring, and then fled.

According to the PSP, the alert to the authorities was given by the security of the Plaza de Touros.

According to Lusa, at about 10:15am that the walls were already cleaned.

Contacted by Lusa, a source of the communication office of the space said only that the PSP was called to the site to take care of the occurrence.


Felip is absolutely right. I've been married to a Portuguese woman for 20 years. Been to Portugal 4 times. Beautiful country, beautiful weather, delicious food and wine. The people are hospitable, friendly, and down to earth....good people. With all the advancements Portugal makes for its people, environment, and animal welfare, the government needs to take this next step and stop shaming the Portuguese in the eyes of the world. I love everything about Portugal, but not bullfighting.

By William from Other on 31-08-2020 05:31

Demolish all bullrings in Portugal and make bull fighting illegal. They are barbaric places with no function in a civilised society. Portugal is shamed by their continued existence.

By Felip Pereira from Alentejo on 29-08-2020 10:16
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