The contract for the concession, construction and management of the Faro Crematorium was signed last Friday, 14 June, between Faro Council and companies Servilusa – Funeral Agencies SA, and FPC Constructions Lda.

According to regional newspaper Sul Informação, the facility will take shape in the city’s new cemetery and comprises a crematory and all associated services, such as a tanatopraxia (body preparation) room, reception, ecumenical chapel, storerooms, sanitary facilities and a dressing room.

The signing of this contract brings to a head what the council has termed as “a long process that has been ongoing since 2011, when the Municipality first launched the tender for the crematorium”.

The local authority recalled that at the time, the company that was awarded the contract did not meet the agreed terms, and the agreement was dissolved on 25 May, 2016, with Faro council receiving compensation of €309,000.

Faro launched a new tender in the summer of 2016; however, the adjudication procedure was suspended due to a legal challenge put forward by one of the bidders.

In November 2018, the process was again resumed, within the framework of a decision handed down by the Algarve Central Administrative Court, paving the way for the signing of the contract last Friday.

The contractor now has 70 days to submit the final project, followed by a period of 30 days for its approval and a period of 10 months to carry out and finish the work.

Faro Mayor Rogério Bacalhau said: “this is excellent news, not only for the Municipality, which now has better conditions to manage space for funeral services, but for a Region that has effectively lacked a service of this nature for many years”.

Last January, Rogério Bacalhau explained that, while the crematorium would cost in the region of €500,000, there will be no investment from Faro council.

“The winning company pays rent to the local authority and a percentage from the cremations, and then they will manage the crematorium and settle the investment.”

Faro Council will receive €1,700 per month for the occupation of the land and one percent of the value of each cremation.

Cremation prices have also been stipulated: Faro residents will pay €258 (+ VAT), non-residents €309 (+ VAT) and the cremation of bones will cost €180.

Up until now, the nearest crematorium to the Algarve has been a 300km roundtrip to Beja, in the Alentejo.