"Just yesterday [Monday], FC Porto replied that … Danilo is untransferable this season, so this closes off any kind of speculation on this topic," says a note on the club’s website.

The player - full name Danilo Luís Hélio Pereira - is a defensive midfielder for Porto and an established member of Portugal's national squad.

Without detailing the offer that came in for the player, the statement indicates that it was from Monaco, whose first team Porto played on Saturday, in a match to present the squad for the season to club members. It ended with a 1-0 win for Monaco, with the goal from Gelson Martins.

As well as Jardim himself, and Martins, there are two other Portuguese players at Monaco: Rony Lopes and Gil Dias.

Danilo was in the spotlight last week, after he had an argument with club coach Sérgio Conceição on Monday night, at a training session in the Algarve.

Later, on Thursday, the player was brought back into practice with the rest of the squad, back in Porto, and in Saturday’s match he captained the team.