That’s because this ancient Indian gift to the world - Yoga - which literally means “union”, not only unites the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies within an individual; it also unites the individual’s energies with the higher vibratory frequency and consciousness of the universe. As Quantum Physics testifies, the universe is conscious vibratory energy; when our energies are harmoniously aligned with it, there is no longer any resistance and the body thrives in perfect health, as nature meant it to be. It also brings a deep sense of well-being and joy as we trust life and go with the flow, with gratitude and positivity. This is exactly what a pandemic-anxious world needs today as people try to cope with fear, financial anxiety and loneliness.

Yoga is a time-tested and highly effective immunity booster that strengthens the body’s lymphatic and immune system. Instead of “stress baking” or “TV-binging”, a few minutes of gentle breathing exercises (Pranayama) and stretching exercises (Asanas) will rejuvenate the internal organs, lower stress, strengthen the nervous system, detoxify the body and open up energy pathways, expediting healing. Yoga cleanses the lungs, stimulates the glands, balances hormones, improves blood circulation and nutrient absorption. The brain releases more GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), replacing anxiety with equanimity, leading to restful sleep, which is crucial for healing and immunity.

From a physical workout to a restful mental break or even a spiritual experience – Yoga offers it all. People at peace with themselves are the secret to a healthy and harmonious world. And, the best part is - anyone can do Yoga anywhere, regardless of one’s lifestyle or health condition! So, join our online Yoga sessions this weekend: ‘Workplace and Stress Management Yoga’ this Saturday; the Portuguese Yoga Confederation’s session on Sunday morning; and a live Yoga session at India House on Sunday evening (details at Check out Yoga videos and useful Yoga information on our Embassy website (
I invite you all to join the global healing process by integrating wellness in your lives and embracing Yoga from the comfort of your homes.

Happy International Day of Yoga!

K Nandini Singla
Ambassador of India to Portugal