Fishermen demand 30,000 tonne sardine quota

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Iberian sardine fishing associations are demanding that their catch quota is raised to 30,000 tonnes by 2020.

“The sector is no longer willing to be treated as it has been for the past three years. It is not willing to reduce its catches any further. We want fishing opportunities according to the abundance of the resource.

We deserve this because it is a way to compensate for the sacrifices and efforts that fishermen and ship owners have made in recent years, efforts and sacrifices that are having positive repercussions on the growth of the resource,” said Humberto Jorge of the National Association of Fishermen’s Organisations (ANOP - Cerco).

At the fourth Iberian meeting of the sardine production sector, a document was produced that will be sent to the governments of Portugal and Spain, in which ship owners and fishermen demand to be able to catch 30,000 tonnes of sardines next year.

This figure is based on the shared certainty that 2020 will be a year of resource in abundance also because the adult biomass is increasing, the professionals said.

“We have data that makes us very excited and that leads us to demand, together with our Spanish colleagues, from the Portuguese and Spanish governments a definition of the fishing opportunities for 2020 according to the abundance that is in the sea and allows the sector to survive and have a longer activity unlike what happened in 2019,” said Humberto Jorge.

The prospect that there will be abundant sardines in the sea is shared by Spanish associations, with Andrés Garcia, of the Galician Association of Encircling Shipowners (ACERGA), who said that this is a prospect that goes far beyond the calculations of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) and scientific advice.

Still on the subject of the difficult moment of the sector, Humberto Jorge regretted that in the last five years sardine fishing has been confronted with very violent reductions, pointing out that a fifth of what was traditionally fished has been fished, something that had, he said, a negative social and economic impact.

“Many people abandoned this type of fishing. 2019 had very regular discharges, but we only had 81 possible days of sardine fishing and we used up the quota because the catch limits were extremely low. Now, what we demand is a sustainable amount, because it does not compromise the recovery of the resource and allows the sector to breathe and get out of a straitjacket in which it has been for five consecutive years,” said Humberto Jorge.

But faced with the fact that the 30,000-tonne claim could come up against the recommendations of the ICES, the head of ANOP - Cerco regretted that this body has in three consecutive years recommended zero and that it sees the fishermen and shipowners as the weakest link.


Let them have unlimited fishing and allow them to continue chopping up dolphins leaving them to die on beaches and watch them continue to cry when the seas are empty

By john from Porto on 01-12-2019 10:20

This is what happens when the EU bureaucracy takes over a small country and a politically correct yes-men government control the destiny of Portugal. How are we protecting and reserving for Portugal’s benefit the huge resources of our immense maritime EEZ (exclusive economic zone) and ECS (extended continental shelf)?

By Tony Fernandes from Other on 30-11-2019 01:44
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