When faced with this dilemma the Pro will normally show the same diplomacy skills reserved for politicians and embassy officials alike.
An amateur golfer wanting to hit the ball further is always at the top of the player’s wish list, very close to the desire to have more consistency. It does remind me of an interesting comment, made by one of my Tour Pro friends in the UK. He was asked whilst playing a Pro-Am if there was any chance of one the amateurs, with whom he was playing, could ever hit the ball as far as the Pro. My friend smiled knowingly and said if he were to hit the ball on his backswing, there might be a chance. The amateur was somewhat disappointed.
So where does power in the player come from? It’s really a combination of strength, flexibility and balance which creates clubhead speed. If you are strong and can’t rotate, little power will be generated. Likewise if you are weak and can rotate the same effect will be true again.
It is Bootcamp Week this week at the Academy, where we get to fit in 16 hours of coaching in four days, usually Monday to Thursday, where we cover all areas of the game in a lot of detail. Stripping the game down to its bare essentials. It’s a lot of fun, exposing myths and getting the players to focus on the areas of the game which will improve the player the fastest.
“How strong are you?” Came up this morning, it really is an interesting question because it comes with a spectrum of answers. Compared to what or whom? For example, compare it with yourself 10 years ago, or even 25 years ago. Then there can be no surprise that you have lost distance. If you are going to compare yourself to the biggest boy on the block, Brooks Koepka, you will come off second best. For that matter, everybody else would too!
When I asked my guys would they be able to knock off 20 press ups, or a couple of power lunges they looked at me as if I was crazy. Simple strength and conditioning moves to help the body and club move faster are the minimum for a golfer to maintain current distance and ward off the inevitability of old age.
This goes in stark contrast to what we see most mornings when in the gym. We have started to liken the phenomena to a vampire almost crossing the threshold of holy ground. There is a reasonably long corridor to the gym in Vila Sol’s hotel; it is clearly signed and obvious that a gym lives at the end of the walk. Watching residents peaking round the corner, and then the resident Physical Trainer asking if she can help sends the enquirer into all kinds of nervous responses, our favourites being, “No, that’s not for me!” or “I’m way too hungover to even consider that!”
So, the next time you try and squeeze that six-iron the distance and it comes up short, even though you hit it well, remember you have only two choices available to you. Hit an extra club, or get yourself into the gym and work on your flexibility along with your strength and conditioning. The first choice is a lot easier, if you are able to disconnect the ego. The second comes with a lot of discipline and heaps more energy. Of course, the choice is yours.
If you like the idea of a Bootcamp or a couple of lessons, come and visit us at the BLiP Expo this weekend at the Portimão arena. You will find us in the ‘Golfers Corner’ where we have the best lesson prices of the year available over the weekend. Just look for Golf Integrated Academy, I am sure we can help!