Previously, partial dentures had to have metal clips or clasps to keep them in place.

Also occasionally metal palates were used for clients with a history of fractures or breaks in the palate area.

So popular was the demand for flexite dentures that within 1 month I switched solely to Flexite injection system.

We now have clients with Flexite dentures from Sagres to Vila Real Santo António, Lisbon, Porto, U.K and Ireland, Jersey, Spain, France, Germany and Holland.

All through word of mouth recommendation.

The unique material is gum coloured, flexible, unbreakable and invisible in the mouth.

Offering maximum fit,without the need to use glues for retention. Flexite is also made as thin as possible in the palate area. It is also completely unbreakable.

Maximum retention, minimal palatal coverage, flexible, light, non-absorbent, allergy free. 1 tooth to a full set of teeth.
Flexite is quite simply the best flexible denture system in this ever expanding market for denture wearers, says Alan Gale, founder of Flexident Algarve.

Advancing the materials used,that not only look more natural and offer the technician better design options for fit and appearance,is paramount to Flexident Algarve. All dentures are injection moulded, designed and constructed in-house.

Full dentures, using award-winning teeth, amazing natural-looking dentures, restoring sunken features, improving your smile and looking years younger.

We also offer a remarkable 2-hour guaranteed service,for acrylic type plastic dentures and teeth re-fixing.
Domicillary visits always available.

Flexident Algarve is situated in Silves town,with ample parking facilities.

Open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm. Saturday by appointment only.

Gaveta das Rua de Portugale Jose Falcao,Loja 4. 8300-166.Silves.

For more information:
Tel: 282442302 / 916717113
Email: flexidentalgarve@