The meeting takes place just over a week after the LPFP announced its request for an urgent meeting with the minister of the interior, following the incidents that took place in the derby between Sporting and Benfica, on 17 January, the 17th day of Primeira Liga, which Benfica won 2-0.

"Given the latest events related to the pyrotechnic objects that have broken out in the stadiums, with an effective impact on the course of the game, and in many situations endangering the physical integrity and safety of fans of all ages, football will not be held hostage by a group of people who, facelessly, stain the names of the clubs and their faithful and real supporters," the League said in a statement released on 17 January, the day the derby was played.

After this episode, the League demands that the magazines made to fans at the entrance to the stadiums be more rigorous and effective, to end, definitively, with the entrance of dangerous and prohibited objects in the sports grounds.

The body responsible for professional football competitions in Portugal issued the request for this meeting after the derby had been interrupted for more than five minutes, at the start of the second half, due to the throwing of pyrotechnic objects onto the pitch by Sporting fans.

Referee Pedro Proença wants to analyse the situation and find effective measures to combat this scourge.