Walking through the doors of Lagoa’s Apolónia branch on the 25 June, one was immediately enveloped in the celebratory spirit. Even before having time to look down at the shopping list, rosè champagne flutes were being handed out, perfect to wash down the variety of pasteis de nata, cupcakes and other pastries waiting to receive incoming shoppers.

Once past the gates, a sea of discounted premium products contributed to the euphoric feeling floating about. Several employees, with their distinctive white and green uniforms, could be seen fluttering about the floors, all sporting welcoming and celebratory smiles befitting of the occasion.

If one was to follow the seasoned scent in the air, it would lead to the back of the supermarket, where along the charcuterie, fisherie and butchers areas several samples of sirloin steak or kebabs were grilling alongside the hallway, to the visitor’s delight.

On the way out it was possible to find the Manager, Georgia Rogers, who reminisced about the past four years as “a highly gratifying challenge of strong teamwork, geared at customer satisfaction”. As for the future, Rogers wants “to keep conquering the heart of the region, in order to better serve the community”.