In the notorious Cova da Moura neighbourhood, Amadora, three youths were injured by gunshots in the space of four hours, while in Trafaria, Almada, GNR police and fire-fighters found an 18-year-old youth with a gunshot to his leg.
Two of the Cova da Moura cases are believed to be connected to Portugal’s victory in the Euro 2016 championships.
At around 4am a 16-year-old who had been shot in the leg on Largo da Bola Street, in the centre of Cova da Moura, was taken to Amadora-Sintra Hospital.
The same fate awaited a 17-year-old boy, who was assisted by PSP officers and INEM medics on Rua do Moinho, at around 6.30am.
Both youngsters were discharged from hospital in the 48 hours after the incidents.
That same morning, at around 7.50am, a traffic argument also culminated in a gun being pulled on a 24-year-old man.
The incident happened after two men driving their cars crashed into each other and vacated their vehicles. The 24-year-old suggested calling the police but the aggressor pulled a gun out and fired several shots, one of them hitting the victim in the foot. He was also taken to Amadora-Sintra hospital.
However the victim refused to give police information about the assailant and was therefore admitted to a room with police observation, to later be interrogated.
The fourth victim in the violent Sunday morning episodes took place in the Segundo Torrão neighbourhood, in Trafaria, Almada, on the south side of the river.
An 18-year-old youth
was shot in the leg and no one witnessed the incident. Only after the shooting did the first witnesses arrive
on the scene.
Fire-fighters and Trafaria GNR officers were called to the spot and the victim was taken to Almada hospital.
PJ police are investigating all four cases.