Have you ever tried to find the menu of the restaurant online and simply couldn’t find it? Or to order via telephone, only to find yourself with food that wasn’t exactly what you wanted? These are common issues when ordering take-away in Portugal because online food delivery services are not within the reach of all restaurants, whether due to budget constraints or simply because they are sceptic about the online world.
In the current lockdown, restaurants are suffering because they do not have the means to continue to provide their services. To tackle this adverse scenario, Quero Comer presents a service whereby restaurants can create a site with a dedicated webshop to receive and manage their client’s orders in a simple and cost effective manner.
“We felt we could help restaurants keep their doors open whilst better communicating with clients ordering take-away”, says Femke, who lives in the Algarve and has had a hard time ordering food.
SeaBookings, an online marketplace to book sea experiences, was founded by Dutch sisters Bo and Femke in Lagos in 2014. Fábio, the techie, and Francisco, the designer, have been part of the team for years. The quartet decided to launch Quero Comer whilst preparing SeaBookings to be first at the start line when tourism resumes.
The idea is simple. Quero Comer offers sites on demand with an online shop for take-away orders at a very affordable price. Like that, the client can find all the information they need about their favourite restaurants, such as opening hours and take-away menu, whilst being able to order online and receive all order and pick-up details via email. To the restaurant managers, Quero Comer gives online visibility and a tool to take their restaurant to their clients’ homes. They can autonomously manage the content of their site and the menu through a user-friendly back-office.
According to Bo, “an intuitive back-office is essential so that restaurants can manage content independently, and in the case of “dishes of the day”, daily. The project was launched in less than a month. Fábio states that “it is an urgent problem we’re trying to solve, so it has been an intense sprint. Fortunately, the team already knows each other well”.

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