We've chosen three styles, which are not only easy to put together but look stunning, and will guarantee you get a gold star for your top-of-the-tree taste...

1. Set a snowy scene

Don't just dream of a white Christmas - create one indoors, with a sparkling, frosted theme.

"This theme is inspired by the memory of the first dusting of snow transforming the surrounding landscape into a stunning scenery," explains buyer, Dan Cooper. "Crunchy snow, icicles and smiles from building snowmen are reflected in the mood, textures and colours.

"It has an element of playfulness from childhood memories, combined with the serenity that a snowy landscape presents," he adds.

For an equally calm and serene look, pick up on soft metallics - rose gold, bronze, and pretty crystals.

TREE TIP: Enhance a forest effect with a collection of branches from the garden, sprayed silver or white and arranged on a mantel or in a vase. A wreath, pine or eucalyptus could be a beautiful finishing touch, and the scent will infuse your room.

Go on the trail of wicked woodland tree treats

2. Keep it traditional

Nothing says Christmas like a classic red and white theme - red stripes, bright lights and a maximal feel.

"We love our red and white theme inspired by Santa's workshop, which focuses on the joy and magic of the festive season," says Lynsey Abbott, Christmas expert, Dobbies Garden Centres.

"Fun and playful traditional Christmas characters, striped candy canes and cheeky elves abound. For a hint of luxe, simply add some gold or silver baubles."

TREE TIP: Layer garlands and lights in between standout baubles to give added depth to a tree. Co-ordinate your gift-wrapping under the tree to compliment the look. If a more rustic look appeals, add more deep green baubles and simple wooden decorations.

Bring on rich red baubles and 'berry' beautiful details

3. Rock a rainbow vibe

Go all out with neon shades and funky decorations for the boldest look of the season.

"Bursting with colour and character, this look will attract compliments for its exuberance," says Sam Hood, co-founder and creative director, Amara.

"When it comes to decorating with vibrant colours and designs, it's important to establish a theme. If you want to go all out with this playful trend, then variety is key - don't go too matchy-matchy, as surprise and individuality is a key element of its charm," she adds. "I'd select a handful of bold statement decorations for a focal point and build around those."

TREE TIP: Ignore the 'less is more' rule and pile on the decorations - the more unusual the better - in a kaleidoscope of colours. Tinsel, once so naff, is now back in vogue and makes the perfect retro finishing touch for an Eighties disco theme.

Keep it kitsch and quirky for a festive remix