GNR and PSP intensify enforcement of state of emergency

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GNR and PSP carry out until Wednesday, 8 April, operations to intensify patrolling, awareness-raising and inspection actions across the country, to ensure compliance with the rules of the state of emergency.

In a joint statement, the two security forces say that these operations will be carried out in close coordination, cooperation and collaboration.

The goal is to support the population, in addition to ensuring compliance with the rules of the state of emergency, which has been extended and introduces new measures that coincide with the Easter period.

PSP and GNR announce that they will disclose the main measures and security advice on Friday, in a joint press conference at the Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI), in Lisbon.

This information from GNR and PSP appears on the day that the President of the Republic decreed the renewal of the state of emergency in Portugal, for a new period of 15 days, until 17 April, to allow measures to contain the pandemic of covid-19.

It also appears on the day that the Prime Minister, António Costa, announced that Portugal will close passenger airports to all airports during the Easter period and that the decree-law that regulates the extension of the state of emergency prohibits travel outside the county of residence in the Easter period, between 9 ??and 13 April.

In addition to the measure of confinement of citizens to their councils of residence, the Government will also limit the capacity of transport in light vehicles of five people to two people, except for direct family members.

A vehicle with nine seats, for example, can only carry three people.

This measure will take effect during the period of renewal of the state of emergency, that is, 15 days", the executive source told Lusa.


Under the present lockdown, am I allowed to ride my bike ,
as long as I stay in my locality (only 2 people together on bikes)

By Paul Mulvey from Algarve on 06-04-2020 09:09

It is obvious that after 14 day of lockdown new infections should have come down by a huge amount becauce it takes the virus a maximum of 14 days to manifest it's self ,so the question ist why is there almost no difference, the only reason being a lot of the population not taking the basic rules set out by the who and Portugeuse government,and this will only extend the period of the pandemic ,causing more suffering and loss being it life or quality of life due to financial loss,lockdown is not a holiday where u relax . Isolate, distanciate, wear masks ,don't shop every day ,wear masks,wash hands,and disinfect items like shoe soles before reentering your homes ,the steps will turn this pandemic around only if everyone See's himself and others as infected and adheres to the rules,please have consideration for yourselves and others. Viva Portugal.

By Joao Carlos Bastos from Other on 04-04-2020 12:59

I hope that the capacity of heavy vehicles like busses and trains has also been reduced in the same way. Or is this again a measure like not being allowed to walk on the beach (not even alone or with family).

By John Dough from Lisbon on 04-04-2020 12:05
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