In a statement, the GNR reported that three people, aged 55 to 57, were arrested in the towns of Loulé and Quarteira as part of an investigation that had been under way for six months.

According to the GNR, during the investigation called “Guest”, “the police found that in a nightlife establishment, registered as a hostel and bar, illicit activities were taking place, such as pimping - encouraging prostitution - tax evasion and drug trafficking.”

In the course of the search, two firearms were seized, 285 ammunitions of various calibres, three pepper gas aerosols, 33 doses of hashish, 28 doses of cocaine, computer and communication equipment, €4,996 and £180 in cash, and material related to sexual practices.

According to the GNR, during the joint operation with the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) and the Tax Authority, 38 people were identified, “among the clients and staff of the establishment, and three were detected as being illegally in the national territory”.