GNR detained 202 people in the last week across the country

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GNR detained 202 people, half of them for illegal driving and driving under the influence of alcohol, in operations to combat crime and road surveillance carried out in the last week across the country

In a statement of the balance of the week's operational activity between 8 and 14 May, the National Republican Guard highlights the 63 arrests for driving without legal authorization, 51 for driving under the influence of alcohol, 16 for drug trafficking, 11 for theft, six for domestic violence, three for illegal possession of weapons and two for possession of a prohibited weapon.

GNR adds that, in the last week, it also seized 1,323 doses of hashish, 77 doses of cocaine, 56 doses of heroin, 26 firearms, 15 bladed weapons, 3,645 ammunition of different calibres, 50,000 cigarettes, 1,800 kilos of fish, 1,400 kilos of shellfish, five vehicles and 3,745 Euros in cash.

Within the scope of traffic surveillance, the GNR military detected 3,767 infractions, 2,261 of which due to speeding, 264 related to anomalies in the lighting and signalling systems, 173 due to use of mobile phones while driving, 167 due to lack of mandatory periodical inspection and 149 due to lack of insurance.

GNR also detected 135 infractions for lack or incorrect use of the seat belt and child restraint system, 69 for driving with a blood alcohol level higher than allowed by law and 47 related to tachographs.


Driving illegally, drunk driving, trafficking drugs, theft, domestic violence, weapons possession....don't be a doe-doe. The government should be raking in the cash to make the law-abiding citizens safer. Not like criminals pay their fair share of taxes, either.

By William from Other on 17-05-2020 10:08

... and this is in lockdown!!!! Well done.

By Jo Tutty from Algarve on 16-05-2020 07:36

The Portugese government needs cash...lots of it. Better behave on the road!

By Fred Doe from Algarve on 16-05-2020 04:43
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