GNR stop 460 without masks on public transport

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GNR prevented 460 people from travelling on public transport because they werenot wearing a protective mask, which has become mandatory in this new phase of combating covid-19.

The spokesman for the National Republican Guard, Hélder Barros, told Lusa news agency that the GNR had “a pedagogical attitude” on this first day of mandatory mask or visor in public transport, adding that there was still “a huge lack of knowledge”.

The same official maintained that the goal of the GNR military was to ensure that no one entered public transport without masks or a visor, with 460 people being prevented across the country.

PSP had already said that it fined three people on 4 May and prevented 320 from travelling on public transport for not wearing a protective mask.

Speaking to Lusa, the spokesman for the Public Security Police, Nuno Carocha, stated that the policemen opted for a posture of awareness, information and pedagogy, as happened during the entire state of emergency, between 19 March and 2 May, due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Across the country, three documents were raised for people who “expressed their intention of not complying with the rules” and of wanting to enter public transport without masks or visors, added Nuno Carocha.

Public transport passengers who disregard the mandatory use of masks or visors, due to the covid-19 pandemic, incur a fine of between 120 and 350 Euros.

In addition to public transport, it is also mandatory from to wear a mask for “access or permanence in commercial and service spaces and establishments, in services and buildings serving the public and in educational establishments and day-care centres by teaching and non-teaching staff and by students over six years old”.


The Chinese government should be held accountable to all these inconveniences being caused & should at least supply FREE masks etc that would be available upon going into shops, buses, establishments etc. Seems to me the Chinese caused this Pandemic one way or another & are getting away scott free. Boycott the Chinese stores in Portugal.

By Carl from Algarve on 06-05-2020 07:37

Concerning the mandatory wearing of masks, true it may have limited effect in preventing the wearer from covid infection, however it does reduce the chances of the wearer passing the virus on to others. People can be infectious without having symptoms and a risk to others. People should look at the mask recommendation as a responsibility to others, not just a personal inconvenience.

By Dave Hill from Algarve on 06-05-2020 02:30

How can you buy face masks if they won't let you into the establishment in the first place.

By Suzy Parker from Other on 06-05-2020 02:21

Again, makes no sense to make masks mandatory now when the state of emergency is over. I went into a store on Sunday and half the people were wearing masks, I go into a store on Monday and you can not enter if you do not have a mask. The masks should be supplied for free at the entrance to any establishment that required you to wear one. This should have been mandatory earlier during the state of emergency and now it should be an option. Complete incompetence on the part of authorities.

By adam from Lisbon on 05-05-2020 12:29

I am still confused about two aspects of the use of masks on public transport and usage itself.
1. The type of mask. Is a washable reusable community mask sufficient or do they require a medical one use mask?
2. Is payment of fares to be using, say, a Viva card only or will the driver accept cash?
These are important questions because we all want to abide by the restrictions for the safety of all but need to know a simple definitive dummies guide to using transport in what may be the forseable future.

By John Pead from Lisbon on 05-05-2020 11:34

According to the World Health Organisation's own publication, the use of masks by HEALTHY people is unnecessary and counterproductive. What rational (if any) is the Portuguese government using in requiring healthy people to wear masks?

By Mrs D from Lisbon on 05-05-2020 11:05
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