… As a responsible thriving company, now head-quartered in Portugal, we want to increase our efforts in awareness. Not just for renewables, but our local and regional environment.

The Algarve has seen visitor numbers increase dramatically over the last five years. What is great for the economy, poses fresh challenges, since the eco-system in the Algarve is fragile.

During the height of summer we have another challenge: water…

… In November 2016, journal Science published a study warning of the current rate of global warming continued, desertification would occur around Lisbon, Evora and Seville by 2100.
Leaving no doubt, the Mediterranean is very sensitive to climate change. Average temperatures in Portugal have increased over the last 40 years at a rate of 0.5 degrees per decade – twice as fast as global – posing dangers to the country.

Climate change here will be more frequent, with further drought and extreme precipitation, bringing flooding and landslides. Portugal is especially exposed due to its long coastlines, dunes and estuaries. And small beaches which have huge tourist appeal with blue flag status and great landscapes will be vulnerable to a rise in average sea level. Whilst the Sahara edges its way north, what can we do..? Be more responsible. That means packing out what we pack in. Taking rubbish home and picking up waste from those who would rather leave it. Let’s bin it!

The beauty of the Algarve must be valued. It’s in our hands – where rubbish should be, not on the beach!

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