… As a responsible thriving renewables Company, are increasing efforts in awareness. Not just for our solutions, but our local and regional environment.

Portugal has many world class beaches which have huge tourist appeal. As of July 2020 there are now 360 with blue flag status, 8 more than 2019. The ratio in May 2019 was 317 to coastal beaches and 35 inland.

Super beaches aside which make International news, comes the expected increase in waste. And washing in from the tides is netting, rope and plastics. Worse, is the ever-increasing level of cardboard, Tetra-Paks, bottles, cans, glass, food-wrappers and all else that people bring with them, and leave behind.

But don’t wait for the “official” beach-cleaning day known as International Coastal Clean-Up Day which started over 30 years ago by Ocean Azul Foundation. The movement has gathered thousands of volunteers in over a 100 countries. This is a powerful inspiring movement keeping beaches, dunes, coastal inlets and estuaries clean and healthy.

The beauty of the Algarve is in our hands – where our rubbish should be! Check in next week for the third article in the “Going Green” series…

… this focuses on our coastal waters and seashores, and how important they are within the Algarve eco-system. Want to make a difference? Say hello here: thegreentrail@casaverde-int.com