Gold Visas could be solution for Brits post Brexit

in Algarve · 02-02-2018 14:41:00 · 4 Comments
Gold Visas could be solution for Brits post Brexit

Wealthy Britons could benefit from Portugal’s Golden Visa scheme in order to secure their residency in the event of a Brexit without a deal.

Speaking at an event organised last night in London by the Portuguese-British Chamber of Commerce, guest speaker and lawyer Afonso Barroso suggested many Britons would qualify due to their investments in Portugal. In order to qualify for automatic residency, an investment of at least 350,000 euros is required in real estate, a deposit of at least one million euros in a national bank or run a business that employs at least ten workers.


@ Marc Wilson: "the rich don't care about Brexit"

Well broadly speaking, when you look at areas that did or didn't vote for Brexit, by and large the "rich" voted against it and the "working classes" voted for it. So maybe it's a case of making your own bed an lying in it! Based on the amounts involved, it is also a stretch to conclude that all participants in the Golden Visa scheme are rich.

by BD Condell from Other on 15-02-2018 04:09:00

@Phil Austin
Firstly, investing that amount of money in the economy makes a significant contribution. These people will have higher disposal income and spend it on goods and services. In some cases they create jobs and generate tax income for the state. What's being a "burden" about that?

Nothing worse than a begrudger!

by BD Condell from Other on 08-02-2018 07:00:00

If I had the money, I'd be off there now. But this kind of thing is why the rich don't care about Brexit; *they* will be OK. There's a scheme in Malta where you can buy Maltese citizenship. So, those who can get out, will.

by Marc Wilson from UK on 05-02-2018 01:56:00

That's a rubbish idea. What about all of the people who retire, or choose to live in Portugal, who do not have those sums of money but that live, exist, contribute to their local community, pay their taxes and are able to do so without actually being a burdon on the State?

by Phil Austin from Alentejo on 02-02-2018 10:05:00
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