The investment attracted by the fast-track visa scheme brought in 131% more month-on-month Portuguese passport seeking capital in February, with a total of €89.3 million resulting in 144 residency permits.
According to figures from the SEF border service, 91% of that February total, 81.2 million, fell under the area of property purchases with the remaining 8.1 million stemming from capital transfers.
This takes the accumulated two-month total to 127.9 million with the vast bulk, 117.1 million going into property and resulting in 209 visas, 198 for property acquisitions, 10 for capital transfers and one for creating at least 10 new jobs.
By nationality, 143 visas went to Chinese citizens, 18 to Brazilians, seven to Russians and two apiece to South African and Lebanese citizens thus far this year.
Since the scheme was first launched in October 2012, a total of 2,997 fast-track visas have been issued bringing in a total of 1.8 billion in investment with the vast majority of visas going to Chinese citizens, 2,345 through to the end of February, trailed by Brazil on 123.