Last month, the total investment resulting from the granting of Residence Authorisation for Investment (ARI) reached €146,168,473.40, which represents an increase of 192 percent compared to the €50 million recorded in May 2019.

May recorded the highest monthly investment amount raised since March 2017, when €192.4 million were raised in ARI. In relation to April (€28 million), the investment raised more than quintupled (421 percent).

In the first five months of the year, the total investment raised through golden visas totalled €293,903,059.01, 1.7 percent less than a year earlier. Between January and May, 529 golden visas were issued, of which more than half last month.

In May, 270 golden visas were granted, of which 257 through the acquisition of real estate, of which 73 were for urban rehabilitation, and 13 through the capital transfer criterion.

The purchase of real estate totalled €136.9 million (urban rehabilitation amounted to €26.2 million) and the transfer of capital €9.2 million.
Of the total golden visa concessions in May, 68 came from China, 30 from Brazil, 19 from the United States, 19 from India and 17 from Turkey.