Golden Visa total investment exceeds €5 million in January

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Total investment raised through 'golden' visas exceeded 5 million Euros in January, with the purchase of properties representing 90 percent of the amount, according to data from the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF).

In January, the total investment raised through Residence Authorizations for Investment Activities (ARI) exceeded the threshold of 5 million Euros, reaching 5,037,667,787.26 Euros.

Since this foreign investment fundraising instrument came into force (October 2012) until last month, 8,288 ARI have been allocated.

Of the total amount raised, 90 percent corresponds to the granting of 'golden' visas through the purchase of real estate, an investment of 4,548,830,307.73 Euros.

In this context, 7,810 'golden' visas were granted, of which 7,332 ARI (investment 4,376,712,896.40 Euros) through the requirement to purchase properties with a value equal to or greater than half a million Euros.

Regarding the criterion for buying properties for urban rehabilitation, 478 visas were granted, representing an investment of 172,117,411.33 Euros.

In turn, the capital transfer criterion totalled 461 visas, in a total investment of 488,837,479.53 Euros.

The criterion for creating at least 10 jobs was responsible for the allocation of 17 visas.

In the top five of the origin of this investment are China (4,484 visas), Brazil (868), Turkey (385), South Africa (323) and Russia (307).

Since the beginning of the programme, 14,154 residence permits have been granted to reunited family members.

In the vote on the specialty of the State Budget for 2020 (OE2020), 'golden' visas were limited to real estate investments in municipalities in the interior or in the autonomous regions of the Azores and Madeira.

At issue is a proposal for legislative authorization on the Regime of Residence Authorizations for Investment (usually referred to as 'golden' visas), presented by the PS, which gathered the votes in favour of PS and PSD and the votes against BE and PAN, that saw the respective proposals on the end of the 'golden' visas fail.


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