Government advises Portuguese people not to leave Europe

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MNE) on 17 June suggested that the Portuguese favour holidays in the national territory and advised against travelling outside European space and to exotic destinations.

"Travel to destinations outside the European area, especially to other destinations without easy and frequent connections to Portugal, and especially trips to exotic destinations and / or unorganised trips, are not suggested, suggesting a preference for holidays in the national territory", it is read in a communiqué released on 17 June by the MNE, in which it reports on the availability, in the Portal of the Communities, of two leaflets on trips to foreign countries and trips to Portugal.

"The leaflet with recommendations on essential trips abroad in the coming months, intended for the Portuguese who wish to travel abroad for professional reasons or on other trips they consider essential informs about the necessary care in preparing the trip, what the traveller should know for the effect, what constraints it may encounter and how to overcome them, what support it can obtain from the consular network and what does not constitute an obligation of the State", says the note from the ministry led by Augusto Santos Silva.

In addition to this leaflet, available on the Communities Portal, the executive also posted a set of information for emigrants wishing to spend their summer holidays in Portugal.

"In the document, information can be found on the measures adopted in our country, travel by land and air, the situation of those who accompany national citizens to Portugal if they do not have Portuguese nationality or are not resident in national territory, any constraints or the new rules access to public places", the text points out.



By Manuel from Lisbon on 19-06-2020 03:17

The minister Augusto Santos Silva conveniently contradicts his own government recent policies that imprudently are opening Portugal's doors to droves of potential asymptomatic vectors carrying the Covid-19 virus and coming from the Shengen area and Portuguese apeaking countries. I note the government negligency by including visitors from Brasil, UK, and others where control of the virus are either weak or the disease is far from reaching a safer plateau. One can only speculate about what might terribly happened taking as an example the recent focus of contamination occurring in Lagos, Algarve that spread the disease to an additional 37+ people! Full tourism implies doing the opposite of what people who want to enjoy their vacations normally do: stay away from clouds, avoid close or intimate interactions, practice social distancing, and use essential higiene and PPE such as masks! But some governments priority is to revive the economy and not so much to protect the people from airborne and surface laying viruses for which no effective treatment or vaccines exist, yet!

By Tony Fernandes from Other on 19-06-2020 11:59
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