“In the week of the 20th, we will open a new line of credit aimed at a set of economic activities, but focusing exclusively on micro and small companies”, announced the Minister of State, Economy and Digital Transition, Pedro Siza Vieira, in a regular hearing of the Commission for Economy, Innovation, Public Works and Housing, in the Assembly of the Republic.

The minister clarified that the credit line has an allocation of €1 billion and will be distributed according to a process already in progress with the banking sector, learning “from the latest experiences” and in such a way that the support reaches “the greatest number of companies as quickly as possible”.

As for the tourism sector, a line of credit will be made available to micro companies, added the minister.

“It is necessary to pay very special attention to the region of the Algarve, which is extremely dependent on tourism,” said Pedro Siza Vieira, adding that the Government is preparing a specific programme to support the region.