Government clarifies rules on air traffic

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The Government has clarified rules on air traffic and airport management in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, and established the sanctioning regime for non-compliance with these rules.

“Rules for air traffic and airports are clarified, namely: the obligation for passengers on flights originating in countries considered to be at epidemiological risk to present, at the time of departure, proof of carrying out a test to detect infection by SARS- CoV-2 with negative result, carried out in the 72 hours prior to the moment of embarkation”, says the statement issued after a meeting of the Council of Ministers held electronically.

Portugal is currently accepting flights without restrictions from EU countries, Schengen space countries (Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland) and the United Kingdom.

Passengers from outside of the EU and Schengen space are not allowed to travel to Portugal except from Portuguese speaking countries (CPLP/PALOP), from Brazil people can only travel from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and the United States of America due to the presence of Portuguese communities.

According to the approved rules, ANA - Aeroportos de Portugal is obliged to carry out, at the Portuguese international airports that it manages, “infrared body temperature screening for all passengers arriving in Portugal and to implement the respective protection measures and containment”.

“These rules are not applicable to airports in the autonomous regions of Madeira and the Azores”.

The Council of Ministers also approved a decree-law that establishes that non-compliance by the airlines or ANA with the defined rules will result in the payment of fines between €500 and €2,000 “for each passenger who boarded without demonstrating a negative Covid-19 laboratory test, or waiving their need”, and fines between €2,000 and €3,000 “for non-compliance with the obligation to track infrared body temperature of all passengers arriving in the national territory”.

The fulfilment of the obligation will be supervised by the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) and by the Aliens and Borders Service (SEF).


Yes, people from Brasil, US and African countries that speak Portuguese can fly to Portugal but they need to take a Covid 19 negative test done on the last 72 hours.

By Alexandre Arana from UK on 21-07-2020 07:39

Hang on people, you are very confused about going to Portugal, I ll explain. Anybody can go to Portugal with no flight restrictions but if you go from the UK being British or not, you will have to quarentine for 14 days when you come back to the UK. There are some exemptions but you need to read about them on the UK Gov site. I know that if you are medical staff or a transporter of essential goods you dont need to quarentine which is my case and my partners. But there are more. Also you need to fill up a form online. Look for it because they will ask you for it in the airport when you come back. You will need to show it on your phone that you ve done it or you will be asked to sit down and do it then. I know all this because I ve just came back from Portugal last friday. Hope I could help.

By Alexandre Arana from UK on 21-07-2020 07:33

Very sad news from my country as always. Sometimes I feel ashamed from being Portuguese. We are out of the British list from countries that dont need to quarentine going back to the UK, which its only the "worst country in Europe" in every way with Covid 19, followed by Spain and Italy, which by the way "are" in the list, and my corrupt government allows UK people to go to Portugal which is one of the "best countries in Europe" with Covid 19. What could we expect from a government that wasnt even voted to be government... only in Portugal...

By Alexandre Arana from UK on 18-07-2020 08:57

Hello, dear sir,
I want to visit Lisbon, Portugal to Frankfurt, Germany next month so do I need to carry covid-19 negative test?
Please give me the right information.

By Ashraf from Lisbon on 18-07-2020 07:42

How stupid can Portugal be to let any people on from Brazil never mind them being Portuguese speaking,it is still a country ravaged with COVID-19 and it is still out of control.cannot believe after how fantastically well they handled this pandemic rigjt from the start and now risking everything especially a massive spike everywhere.

By Margaret Stephenson from Beiras on 18-07-2020 03:21

Been a healthcare can i travel to portugal and came back to uk without do quarentine?

By Sandra Silva from UK on 18-07-2020 01:35

Can we travel to portugal , by airplane to play golf ,what restrictions are in place

By Kevin Bennett from UK on 18-07-2020 01:28

im Portuguese so if i go to Portugal i dont need to have a covid test

By lucinda sousa from UK on 18-07-2020 12:31

Did I read this correct, Only Portuguese speaking people can enter Portugal from the most infested countries -Brazil and the US, but NO CANADIAN PORTUGUESE.
This is ultra discrimination to those duel-citizen Portuguese LIVING IN CANADA.

By Anthony Horta from Other on 17-07-2020 10:33

Hello, I have the same question. The wording is NOT clear. Can a US citizen travel to Pportugal with the required COVID-19 test (within 72 hours)?

By Jack L Martin from USA on 17-07-2020 08:29

Can an non EU member enter PT on a Schengen visa type C ?
Or only on a type D visa?

By Lars A Jensen from Other on 17-07-2020 07:10

I was confused by this word choice: "from Brazil people can only travel from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and the United States of America due to the presence of Portuguese communities." - Does this mean that residents of the USA are allowed to travel to Portugal at this time, or that Portuguese residents are allowed to travel from the USA?

By Ian from USA on 17-07-2020 05:36
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