The lack of recruits and low salaries in the Armed Forces was one of the problems raised by all parties in the debate, in particular, on the 2020 State Budget proposal (OE2020) in the area, with João Gomes Cravinho, in a joint hearing of the parliamentary committees Budget and National Defence.

The minister insisted that “valuing the people who carry out National Defence” is one of the objectives of this budget, both in terms of military health and social support, through the reinforcement of funds for the Armed Forces Social Action Institute (IASFA), exemplified.

From the Left Bloc to the CDS, the parties questioned the governor about the measures to be taken to try to solve the problems of “lack of attractiveness” of young people for the ranks of the Armed Forces.

In response, Gomes Cravinho acknowledged that in the “first three months” the military receives less than the national minimum wage, and guaranteed that the Government's objective is that “they never earn less than the minimum wage, even in the recruit”.

After the PSD, through Carlos Reis, admitted to making a legal and budgetary alteration possible in this sense, the minister said that he considers this measure “desirable”, which costs another 1.5 million Euros, not foreseen, and that it is necessary to "accommodate" in the current budget.

"This is a time to make this discussion, with an opening on our side, on this matter," said João Gomes Cravinho.