The document was on Tuesday sent to the Economic and Social Council on Tuesday, the entity that brings together representatives of Portugal's employer and worker organisations.

"The sustained creation of quality employment and the reduction of unemployment, namely of the young and the long-term unemployed, constitute strategic aims for the coming years." the text states. This, it continues, makes it "necessary to take into consideration a vast range of sectorial measures that contribute to this objective."

As well as reducing VAT in restaurants, the government promises to prioritise programmes to incentivise urban rehabilitation and the recovery of the country's built heritage.

"Active employment policies must be more effective, selective and directed to the segments and groups most affected by unemployment and with special difficulties in entering or re-entering the labour market," the document states.

Among other measures aimed at encouraging entrepreneurships are a National Incubators Network and a National Network of Fab Labs.

The government also proposes to combat employment insecurity, clamping down on abuses such as false self-employment, short-term contracts "and other atypical forms of work".