Government questioned about control of international travellers

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The CDS-PP political party has questioned the Minister of Internal Administration regarding the control over the entry into Portugal of passengers on international flights, wanting to know how the quarantine period is inspected.

According to the CDS, “recent news reports that passengers coming from international flights, whose entry had been barred because they did not meet the necessary requirements to be admitted in the national territory, ended up being admitted by SEF at Humberto Delgado Airport, due to the fact that Space Equated to Temporary Installation Centre (EECIT) is closed”.
The party recalls that the Minister of Internal Administration, Eduardo Cabrita, announced that the temporary installation centre at Lisbon airport will be under construction until the end of May.
The party also points out that “SEF sources have informed” them that at Lisbon airport “dozens of passengers have has had easy access for entry over the past few weeks, coming from countries where Covid-19 is spreading widely and without the capacity to check whether or not they will comply with the 14 quarantine days in Portugal”.
The party wanted to know if the Minister of Internal Administration is aware of the “entry into Portugal of passengers coming from international flights that do not meet the necessary requirements to be admitted” and asks “where are the passengers who normally would be placed in the EECIT”.
The deputies also asked Eduardo Cabrita “how does SEF control compliance by these passengers with the 14-day quarantine period in the national territory”.
At the time of going to press MAI had not responded to the questions.


Passengers who are not Brazilian but go from Brazil are allowed into Portugal without restrictions?

By Raúl from Other on 09-07-2020 10:37

I'm from Canada but I'm worried when travel opens up that people will lump us in the same boat as the USA as far as COVID infections go. I'm specifically from Vancouver Island and we've had no new infections for a week now. We are currently closing our borders to the USA to prevent people from New York infecting us accidentally. I technically am still booked for my pilgrimage to Fatima in July which I'm hoping works out, but if not then let it be according to God's will. Blessings to all!

By Emily from Other on 23-05-2020 08:59

I cant believe this report. There may have been a few people bending the rules but there are hardly any flights. Not Lisboa but I Iive very close to Porto airport and there are hardly any just freight I think.

By Paul from Porto on 23-05-2020 08:23

We are at anchor with our sailing vessel in Portimao. We have been in quarantine on our boat for 14 day’s but are still not allowed to leave our boat. At the same time we see boats passing by who’s owners flew into Lisbon from Germany last week. They can do whatever they want, no questions asked. We however have to wait until June 15 they tell us. This does not make sense at all.

By David from Algarve on 23-05-2020 10:34

I'm a Portuguese tourist stranded in a philippines island also looking for other travellers returning Portugal since there is no embassy and no help from local government and the Portuguese can help each other. Without a refund for my cancelled flight and losing job it is impossible to find employment with tourist visa expired after 2 and half months locked in quarentine eating nothing but boiled rice and losing 8Kg +639388870847 njfcardoso protonmail com If anyone has any contacts please help.

By Jorge Cardoso from Other on 23-05-2020 01:50

100% agree with John and Mac. Find it hard to believe that travelers from UK, USA and Brazil are being allowed into the country without any sort of quarantine period. All the hard work over the last few could easily go out of the window. Let’s hope that the government comes to it senses and forgoes short term revenue for long term health!

By Stuart Wood from Algarve on 22-05-2020 05:59

i am due on holiday to the sintra arribas hotel on the 16 of june, I don't have much hope of flying with easyjet.however I think I can drive here if I am allowed to.Do you think the borders will be open or should I just cancel everything.

By chris from UK on 22-05-2020 03:07

I can confirm first hand knowledge of this. A friend from Brasil told me he was bringing his family on the 11th May. I told him it would never happen, there are almost no flights (I live under the landing path for Humberto Delgado) and that the EU borders were closed especially to someone from Brasil. Imagine my surprise when he posted photos on Instagram last week of his new apartment in Lisbon. Amazed, I asked him how was the entry into the country. He said the family were thermometer tested on the to plane in Rio (where they are supposedly not taking COVID seriously) but absolutely nothing on arrival in Lisbon. There were not checked or questioned, and no attempt made to discuss quarantine. Meanwhile the rest of us are locked down for 2.5 months. Incredible.

By John Harley from Lisbon on 22-05-2020 02:37

I'm due to travel to Portugal end of August is it better of changing or even cancelling my holiday or wait and see how things go

By Jeff Bonney from UK on 22-05-2020 02:02

This is a serious matter - especially if those travellers are arriving from Brazil or the US where infections are spiralling out of control.

By Mac from Algarve on 22-05-2020 12:38
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