The programme “More Sustainable Buildings”, which was presented at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action, represents an investment of €4.5 million by the Government.

"This is a great example of investments that can take place across the country, that can take place in a very short period, and that leaves a very positive footprint for the future," stressed Environment Minister João Matos Fernandes, during the presentation.

Under the programme, which started on 7 September and lasts until 31 December 2021, each owner can count on the support of up to €15,000, with a limit of €7,500 per home.

This means that if a homeowner spends the maximum amount of €7,500 on a home, he can be supported with €5,250.

The objectives are essentially three: to improve energy efficiency, to improve water efficiency and to promote the circular economy in buildings. But there are several interventions included in state support.

Within the maximum amount predicted, homeowners can count on co-financing to, for example, improve the insulation of homes through eco-materials or recycled materials, for the purchase of renewable energy production equipment or other interventions that incorporate eco-materials or biological materials, like building green facades.

“Families who apply win twice. They earn directly, through direct support, and then, over time, in the bill that each month pays for energy ", said the minister, saying that it is also intended to show families that sustainability" is not an expensive thing, but just the opposite.”

For João Matos Fernandes, the residential sector is one of the fundamental points of the energy and climate plan and to fulfil Portugal's objectives in this area for 2030, and, according to data presented during the launch of the project, the buildings represent about 30 percent of energy consumption and 5 percent of greenhouse gas emissions.

At the end of the year, the tutelage will evaluate the first months of the initiative, to see if it is necessary or not to make adjustments to the program regulations.

During the presentation, the minister also explained that the “More Sustainable Buildings” program is part of the Government's strategy to combat energy poverty, which should be presented in November.

“We have to humbly acknowledge that, concerning energy efficiency, our path goes further back”, concerning the European Union, explained Matos Fernandes, stressing that buildings are an important part of that path.