Government warns Portuguese people against holidays in distant destinations

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The government has warned Portuguese that if they plan holidays in “exotic destinations or with weak connections to Portugal” that they should not count on repatriation operations such as those carried out at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We are asking the Portuguese to take vacations inside [the country], we are suggesting that they avoid non-essential trips abroad and we are warning that, if they are now going to exotic destinations or with weak connections to Portugal, they cannot count on a repatriation operation with the dimension and the speed with which they were organised in March and April”, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Augusto Santos Silva.

The minister, who was speaking in the “Liberty and Confinement” videoconference, organised by de Human Rights National Commission, an interministerial body, evoked the alert in the context of the current limitations to travels.

Augusto Santos Silva criticised again the discoordination between the EU member States, which are applying “nationally organised restrictive measures”, but stressed that he does not have any problem with “the alerts given to the travellers”.

The minister recalled that the EU, in a meeting of the ministers of the Member States that belong to the Schengen free movement area, issued a general guideline that predicted that, until the end of June, the conditions of freedom of movement would be answered, an orientation that “several member states have defaulted”.

Santos Silva considered “contrary to European logic that there are nationally organised restraint measures”, some “without any technical basis”, and that, in the case of quarantines or flight restrictions, “mislead people”.

“If I force someone on a plane (…) to be confined for 15 days, I am not solving the pandemic problem. If that someone has been infected on the plane and if a mask or other safety measures were not used on the plane, that person (…) may have contaminated the entire plane”, he exemplified.

The minister underlined again that the “efficient measures are the sanitary protection measures and safety rules”, which should be “applied jointly by the Member States”.

Augusto Santos Silva warned, on the other hand, that the logic of quarantine and prohibition of flights “quickly leads to isolation and nationalism, to stigmatisation of a national, ethical or other nature”.

According to official figures, more than 5.700 Portuguese have been repatriated from countries and territories on all continents since the beginning of the pandemic.


I completely agree with Tom the less the better they are undisciplined they are dirty and loud further more look back in the history and you realize we have been stabbed over and over how can they could have any respect for us obviously are exceptions to the rule we need tourism yes only the ones capable to appreciate our country otherwise stay back there!!!

By Antonio Afonso from Other on 17-07-2020 09:22

To leave Portugal off the "good" list is yet another bizarre decision by an incompetent UK government with the worst Covid figures in Europe. Hopefully by the time that we come to Portugal in September sense will have prevailed. Although I'm Irish I have to fly from a UK airport. But don't blame British tourists for the decision.
And yes, I'm sure that there are Brit tourists who don't respect Portugal but they are the kind of arrogant and ignorant people who don't respect any foreign country and hopefully they are the minority

By GARETH MCMULLAN from Other on 17-07-2020 07:52

This is all well and good.....but the greed of massive price rises on the algarve specifically has chased out locals in favour of richer Brits.......the accommodation suppliers on the algarve have virtually shot themselves in the foot with greed on their minds...... hence they suffer with no business at all......what portuguese can afford to holiday in their own country?

By Bill from Other on 17-07-2020 07:42

Unfortunately, the UK tourists have no respect for the country they visit. Portugal has done a fantastic job with eliminating Covid19, AND, we don't want it back via selfish tourists who don't respect us

By Penelope McCall from Algarve on 16-07-2020 03:10

. . . sad and good at the same time. Portugal is doing good and is a very safe place. Stay in Portugal as much as you can. Holidays abroad can wait until better times. It might be a good thing that undisciplined UK tourists are not coming in large numbers.

By Tom Randony from Algarve on 16-07-2020 10:56
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