An official source of the secretary of state for tourism confirmed to Lusa that the possibility of holding the world motorcycle speed championship in Portugal has been handled by the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve, in partnership with the secretary, through Turismo de Portugal, the country’s tourism board.

The government is willing to participate in a joint solution, which allows the holding of major international events, including through the fund for attracting congresses and major events, managed by Turismo de Portugal, the source said.

That government source said the goal by the Portuguese president of the FIM, Jorge Viegas, depended on the application to that fund for the year and the conditions of it to define the involvement of each party.

On the sidelines of the Malaysian Grand Prix, Jorge Viegas once again acknowledged the return of the main motorcycle speed championship to Portugal, this time to the Algarve.

“These are contracts that cost money to bring the show to any country and now need to secure funding for at least three major prizes,” said Jorge Viegas, adding that Dorna’s idea, the company that holds the commercial rights of the competition, is that at least three events can be held in Portugal in five years from 2022.

Portugal has been away from the elite of speed motorcycling since 2012, when the Estoril racetrack received the last Grand Prix of Portugal, after 13 years in a row.