Greta Thunberg arrives in Lisbon in early December

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Young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg expects to arrive in Lisbon “at the beginning of December” after sailing across the Atlantic on her way to the Madrid Climate Change Summit (COP25).

“We had to slow down to avoid very bad weather ahead, but now we're back on track at top speed. I hope we get to Lisbon, Portugal, early December,” wrote Greta Thunberg in her Twitter account.

The environmentalist sailed from Catamaran on 13 November from the US Salt Ponds Port in Virginia because she does not travel by plane because of the contamination it entails.

In Lisbon, Greta Thunberg is invited to attend a session in the Assembly of the Republic promoted by the Parliamentary Committee on Environment, Energy and Spatial Planning, which will take place between the end of this month and the beginning of December.

According to the president of the Environment Committee, José Maria Cardoso, the president of the Environment Committee said on Tuesday, 19 November, "there was receptivity" from representatives of the activist to the invitation made by the deputies, so Greta Thunberg should be in parliament "between the end of this month and the first days of December. "

Greta Thunberg travelled in August from the United Kingdom to New York on the ecological sailboat of Pierre Casiraghi, the youngest son of Carolina de Monaco, to attend the United Nations Climate Change Summit in September.

The activist, who took a sabbatical year, intended to travel across the Americas by land to Chile, where the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP25) was initially scheduled.

The Chilean government, however, cancelled the organization of the event due to the strong social protests that have been rocking this South American country for weeks.

She began a school strike on her own in September 2018 in front of the Swedish parliament to call for action against climate change, which inspired a global movement that led to her being welcomed by world leaders and speaking at conferences.


At least she found her future now ...
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By Ricardo Porto from UK on 28-11-2019 12:51

When will some liberal-progressive finally educate Young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg that her rain coat is most likely made from Vinyl, PVC Plastic and Latex Rubber? The last time I checked, she is wearing carbon-based products. Amazing!

By Marc J Moniz from USA on 27-11-2019 08:38
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