Greta Thunberg to take part in Portuguese parliamentary session

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Climate change activist Greta Thunberg has accepted an invitation to take part in a Portuguese parliamentary session in the coming weeks when she passes through Portugal en-route to the Madrid Climate Summit.

The Swedish teen will participate in the work group at the invitation of the Environment Committee at the end of this month or beginning of next month. She is current crossing the Atlantic in a catamaran, nearing the Azores


Gretas Vision are that We All and Everyone, shall listening to the SCIENTISTS, WHO know whAt we shall do for helping Nature, Human and the Global World to change Our Way for Survival THE Earthsv Vitality!

By Pim Valborgsdotter-Elfving from Other on 21-11-2019 08:05

She appears to be a global ambassador of peace.
Since no one else has done what she has already
accomplished or stepped up for this work it is an
Opportunity for many on Earth to listen and take action whoever we are or whatever we are doing.
I trust her completely. I feel that way about no other public or private person with regards to her vision and focus for the good of all and the actual harm of none.

By DONALD Orne from USA on 21-11-2019 04:02

Unlike some others here I am fully in support of Greta, and look forward to welcoming her to Portugal! I took part in the Global Climate Strike event held in Lisbon on 27 September. We are in a Climate Crisis and action is needed NOW! Listen to the scientists, listen to science!

By Steve Andrews from Other on 21-11-2019 12:23

Jan Wiklund is a swede avoiding taxes in Portugal, he don´t even know how to spell S C I E N C E


By anders morberg from Other on 21-11-2019 07:19

" when you want to shoot, shoot don't talk" in this case this girl needs to start acting and come up with ways to improve our climate and not going around talking. She's basically just repeating what she has learned from other people and spitting it out in a louder voice with no ideas on how to actually fix anything

By Jose da Silva from Other on 21-11-2019 04:02

It is funny how some people feel extremely threatened by Greta. So threatened that they leave no opportunity to pose all sorts of weird arguments and baseless criticism to defame her. Funny really! Perhaps big oil companies have a lot of business to lose if the world moves towards renewables. #silent_observer

By Arif Hussain from Other on 20-11-2019 10:53

Sorry to say, but Greta is a Product, built on a scientifically very poor foundation. An increasing number of merited scientists disagree with this " Climate Scam".

By Jan Wiklund from Algarve on 20-11-2019 11:23
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