“Just one year after landing on Portuguese soil, GuestReady has already reached around €51 million in short term rental properties managed in the country”.
In response to Lusa, the CEO of GuestReady, Alexander Limpert, said that the company has “ambitious growth plans” in Portugal and expects, by 2020, “to double the portfolio of properties under management”.
“Portugal, in addition to being a popular tourist destination, has large technology companies like Google, as well as ‘startups’ [companies with rapid potential for economic growth] opening offices in Lisbon, increasing the number of visitors,” added Limpert.
GuestReady currently has a team of 30 people in Portugal, and intends to continue to invest in the growth of the number of employees.
“We see great potential in Porto and we are exploring other cities to which we can expand and hire”.
At a global level, to keep up with the pace of demand, the local accommodation manager went from 70 to 150 employees in 11 months and bought three competing companies - Oporto City Flats, We Stay in Paris and BnbLord.